Blake Lively Unveils the Most Obvious Give Away of Her Being Pregnant, and No, It Is NOT the Baby Bump

Blake Lively Unveils the Most Obvious Give Away of Her Being Pregnant, and No, It Is NOT the Baby Bump

Being a mother is indeed an amazing experience. But the period of carrying a child for 9 months is entirely a different process. During those 9 months, a mother goes through many transformations. And the weird part is the eating habits. Blake Lively, who is going to be a mother of their fourth child, once again excited her fans as she shared her meals on her Instagram story.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are going to be parents once again. While Ryan Reynolds might be busy thinking about weird names for their unborn baby, Lively shared pictures of her meals with a strong recommendation. Let’s see what the actress had to say about the food.

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Blake Lively juices up her Instagram story with extra chirpy meat

Naturally, a mother-to-be has to eat for two when she’s carrying a child inside her body. During this time, even her food cravings also surprise her. But this time, the Gossip Girl star surprised us with a picture of her meal and made us want to eat it, too. Here’s a picture of her delicious meal.

The mouthwatering meal is from Stein’s Market and Deli in New Orleans. The 35-year-old mother-to-be also shared a tip for foodies: “Order ‘The Rachel’ extra crispy meat and bread.” Well, it is a hot Pastrami sandwich containing Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye bread.

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On top of this, there is a Russian dressing and the Green Lantern actress chose the Jewish-Italian deli’s “home edition”. The picture had a caption as well. It said, “Tell me you’re pregnant without telling me you’re pregnant.” The mother of already three beautiful kids is fond of cooking as well. On Turkey Day, she prepared a delicious meal along with desserts with amazing decorations as well.

Well, along with dazzling fashion style, business sense, and brilliant acting skills, the actress seems to have amazing cooking skills, too. Just looking at these pictures of meals she shares, we just want to grab the food and enjoy it.

Do you also feel the same? Have you tried The Rachel as the actress recommended? Tell us about it if you’ve already tried it.

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