Blake Lively Once Revealed Her Childhood Crush and to Everyone’s Surprise He Has Interviewed Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively Once Revealed Her Childhood Crush and to Everyone’s Surprise He Has Interviewed Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds are “couple goals” at its finest. With the onslaught of swoon-worthy PDA that the two of them indulge in, it is hard to even imagine that the two of them were ever not together. Furthermore, they met on the sets of Green Lantern and said their “I dos” in 2012 at a beautiful wedding ceremony in California.

This was not the first time that the two of them had been in a high-profile relationship. From Penn Badgley to Scarlett Johansson, the two of them have quite a long list of ex-lovers. But both Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are like two peas in a pod with their dry humor. Much before she met the love of her life, the actress had a big childhood crush on someone else, and the said crush and her husband had quite a long chat on live television.

Who did Blake Lively have a crush on?

One of Blake’s many charms is that she knows how to dress. There is no red carpet that she has stepped on where she hasn’t been the center of attention. So it comes as no shock that she is good friends with THE Michael Kors. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the elites, Kors is an award-winning luxury fashion designer. The Green Lantern actress and Michael Kors played an intriguing game on his YouTube channel where they guessed what is fact and fiction, and it is at this time the actress shared her childhood crush’s name.

From Kors revealing that his now iconic brand was once going to be named Chooch Anderson to Lively speaking of her first kiss, a lot of juicy revelations were made. However, nothing beats the astonishment of Blake Lively revealing her childhood crush.

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Declaring “My childhood crush was Tom Hanks” to be fiction, the actress revealed her real childhood crush. And it was none other than everybody’s now favorite old man, David Letterman.

Explaining her choice, Blake said that at the age of six, Letterman’s dry sense of humor intrigued her. This earned her a “You are the only girl at six, that I ever heard, had a crush on David Letterman” from Kors. This only makes us think how Blake would have felt when Ryan Reynolds became David Letterman’s next guest that needed no introduction. You can check out the incredible episode with newfound information on Netflix.

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