Blake Lively Once Mocked Ryan Reynolds For The ‘Extra Distance’ in His And Hugh Jackman’s Picture

Blake Lively Once Mocked Ryan Reynolds For The ‘Extra Distance’ in His And Hugh Jackman’s Picture

If Blake Lively is the love of his life, Hugh Jackman is perhaps his best man. Yes, we are indeed talking about the fan-favorite Hollywood star, Ryan Reynolds. Furthermore, it is a truth universally acknowledged that both his beautiful wife and his apparent fake rival never fail to troll the Deadpool mercenary whenever they get a chance. And as for him, Reynolds simply returns the favor, leaving us with a cute giggle fest.

One such funny yet adorable instance dates back to 2018. During those days Reynolds was apparently following his rival almost everywhere in the town and their attempt to hide their budding bromance from his wife perhaps went in vain. When the Wolverine co-stars posted a few snapshots on their social media, the Gossip Girl alum was the first to troll.

In May 2018, Reynolds visited Jackman’s coffee shop, and Logan alum, later on, shared a picture captioning “We put out word that @laughingmancoffee is looking for a new barista … and, @vancityreynolds shows up? #makeeverycupcount.” The Adam Project actor also shared a snap, humorously confirming that he followed his friend to his cafe.

Notably, his wife could not resist but comment on the awkwardly huge gap between the two, suggesting that their attempt to whitewash their love has successfully failed. “Is the extra distance between you supposed to convince me that you DON’T love him more than me?? Nice try,” her comment read. Despite the mockery, did you know Jackman is very grateful to Blake Lively?

Jackman once called Blake Lively a saint

Apparently, back in November 2022, Jackman shared a video on his Instagram handle thanking the beautiful actress and even calling her a “saint” to marry and keep up with a man like his fake rival, Ryan Reynolds. He also attributed to her adjectives like sunshine and one of her kind. It could perhaps be to make her believe that her husband still loves her the most. The other thing that the X-Men actor confessed he was grateful for was her carbonated drinks line, Betty Buzz. He stated that both he and his wife are in love with the tonic’s taste.

While Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’s funny feud dates as early as 2009, the Deadpool star tied the knot with Lively in 2012 and shares 4 children with her.

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