Billie Eilish Once Apologised for Using ‘Slur’ Against Asian Community

Billie Eilish Once Apologised for Using ‘Slur’ Against Asian Community

Billie Eilish is one of the righteous people in the industry who is not afraid to admit her mistakes. The young artist first found fame with her breakthrough song Ocean Eyes. Later becoming the youngest person to win a Grammy in 2020. Her song No Time To Die, sung for the James Bond movie won her the Oscars. But with fame, comes responsibility.

The world of the internet is brutal, investigative, and apparently good at digging dirt on people. With the concern of cancel culture, celebrities can no longer just get away with actions or even mistakes from years ago without feeling the burn in the future. Remember Kevin Hart losing out on Oscars for old homophobic tweets? It set an example for many. So when Eilish found herself in a similar situation, she was quick to apologize and set the record straight.

How Billie Eilish acknowledged her use of the racial slur

Like many celebrities, Billie Eilish is also vulnerable to public scrutiny. When an old video of the 20-year-old resurfaced on the internet, her fans quickly asked her to acknowledge it. The video of her shows a young Billie singing a Tyler, The Creator song called Fish. The lyrics of which include an Asian slur that the young artist mouthed. In response, she took on Instagram to issue an apology through a lengthy statement. It said, “I love you guys, and many of you have been asking me to address this”. Also added that she does not want to be labeled as a racist.

The Bored vocalist went on to defend her use of the word by saying she was only 13 or 14 when it was shot. Also, she had no idea that it was a derogatory word against the Asian community.  “I am appalled and embarrassed and want to barf that I ever mouthed along to that word” and only used the word once.

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The Grammy winner was only 13-14 when the video was shot. Nevertheless, the Happier Than Ever singer apologized for her actions. Do you think celebrities should have to apologize for events that have occurred in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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