Billie Eilish Mesmerizes Singapore’s Cloud Forest With Her alluring Acoustics

Billie Eilish Mesmerizes Singapore’s Cloud Forest With Her alluring Acoustics

Over the past few months, Grammy favorite Billie Eilish has been super busy with her Happier Than Ever World Tour concerts. The star outdid herself by unleashing sheer passion and enthusiasm on the stage that fans could not help but enjoy. Besides, she also did a couple of live performances in the lap of nature that felt equally cathartic as her shows.

Youtube is already trending with the music videos released on the 22nd of August. The acoustic sessions have already sent the two stars higher up in the music charts. In addition to that, the place where they shot their videos was pure bliss that fans were missing out on for a while. Here are the details of their heartfelt live show.

Billie Eilish and brother Finneas fill the green forests of Singapore with their acoustic live show

The Oscar’s favorite sibling duo recorded yet two more blissful music videos called TV and 30th. Collaborating with Finneas, Billie performed the songs in Singapore’s lush greenery at Cloud Forest while her brother took care of the chords. The Gardens are home to World’s tallest indoor waterfalls with mountains cladded with plants from around the World.

The videos were shot in partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board as part of its SingapoReimagine campaign. Notable Singapore filmmaker, Choann, known for his subliminal imagery and subjects of contemporary youth and culture, gave the directions.

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According to his Instagram post, he had chosen the divine spot for the shoot owing to the personal and intimate essence of the songs. Moreover, he wanted to bring out the theme of “existential anxiety by isolating the stars in a snowglobe-esque structure.” “Billie is also a strong environmental advocate, so Gardens by the Bay was a perfect fit,” he said.

Right from her debut with Ocean Eyes, the 20-year-old singer has been a significant stakeholder in the Hollywood music industry. Among the rest of the musicians, the star standout for her unique way of producing her works. Her independence from user-generated platforms has offered new trajectories into pop stardom for the first generation of kids to grow up in the digital age.

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Have you listened to the tracks yet? What are your thoughts about them? Share with us in the comments below.

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