Billie Eilish Is Stirring Up Netizens With Her Latest Fashion Choice

Billie Eilish Is Stirring Up Netizens With Her Latest Fashion Choice

Deemed the voice of this generation, singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has always been very bold with her song lyrics and with her style. When she emerged on the scene as the moody teenage singer in 2019, fans were immediately taken by her baggy clothes and iconic hairstyle. 

But in 2021 she decided to go for an image makeover. She swapped her baggy hoodies with silks and satins. Instead of a moody Eilish, she went for a sexier and more mature look. The difference between her old look and new look was jarring and caused many fans to question her choices. Once again, Eilish has gotten herself trending, thanks to her latest Instagram post.

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Billie Eilish wears a controversial shirt in the latest Instagram picture

The Grammy winner took to her Instagram to post a series of photos with a telephone emoji. It is a common practice for her to post random clicks and share moments from her personal life with her 107 million followers. This time, she added photos of her pets and friends. She even added a shot where we see her face on a billboard. But there is one particular picture that has made headlines, in which Billie Eilish posed in a shirt that had the print of a naked torso. Within minutes, her post garnered several thousand likes. 

Well, the Bad Guy singer is not new to controversies. When she went for a complete transformation, she was lambasted for showing skin. The 20-year-old is a fierce advocator against body shaming and slut shaming. She had spoken up against the haters and had explained that a woman wearing revealing clothing does not or should not determine her character.

According to her, women can wear whatever they want without getting harassed for showing too much. The young musical sensation had resorted to wearing loose-fitted clothes because she was ashamed of her body. But her transformation was an indication that she had grown to become more confident in her body. 

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