Bianca Censori Takes Over Business for Husband Kanye West Days After Increased Legal Trouble for the Rapper

Bianca Censori Takes Over Business for Husband Kanye West Days After Increased Legal Trouble for the Rapper

Bianca Censori is not only the new wife of Kanye West, but his work partner as well. The Australian architect that was once referred to as the mysterious blonde woman has been by Ye’s side in every aspect since their holy union. With the honeymoon over, the newly wedded wife is back to being hands on with her work again.

While she has been his architect for over three years, the responsibility has only increased after being his intimate partner. But exactly how is the 27-year-old helping the Donda singer? Here is an insight into it.

How Bianca Censori has become the in-charge in everyday life of Kanye West

With the honeymoon period over, Ye is back to work for rebuilding his empire. His new life partner, Bianca Censori, has been promoted from being his office architect to his close aide. As per RadarOnline, Censori is leading Ye’s career by handling his affairs in regard to his businesses. She has been making calls on his behalf as well as planning his day-to-day schedule.

“She takes all his calls, and all business affairs go through her. It seems to be working out well so far,” revealed a close source. The source added how Censori has been proactively planning the logistics for Ye, from the reconstruction of his Donda Academy to his Yeezy brand. 

Within a matter of years, the ambitious architect went from being his employee to his wife, and now his leading woman in business. While her name surfaced on the internet only recently, their personal relationship grew to their work itself. Notably, West is surrounded by a handful of legal cases at the moment. He is yet to present proof in court against the burger shop owner whom he accused of using his song names.

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A look into Bianca Censori’s journey from Yeezy employee to Ye’s partner and aide

Censori and Ye grew closer as she worked for his Yeezy and Donda brands. Their relationship became intense around November during his divorce proceedings with his former wife, Kim Kardashian. The singer disappeared for weeks after that until he was spotted with his new wife and news of his second marriage surfaced. With the financial downfall and criticism, the singer looks to rebuild his empire with the Australian University graduate by his side.
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