Best Vampire Series And Movies On Netflix Right Now

Best Vampire Series And Movies On Netflix Right Now

31st October isn’t the only day we should be celebrating vampires. These blood-curdling monsters have been a large part of many cultures and myths. Nothing quite beats a good old vampire movie or series when you’re in the mood for horror that isn’t horror. We have taken it upon ourselves and curated a list of the best vampire series and movies you need to sink your teeth into.

Movie: Dracula

Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula was published in 1897. The story, set in the region of Transylvania, is a narrative said through the means of impressionable letters, striking diary entries, and many, many newspaper articles. Though it has no single protagonist, it centers on the life of Count Dracula. Though it finds roots in many legends, Stoker’s novel is the origin of the fable.

Starring Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves, and Anthony Hopkins, this movie certainly does justice to the bar of excellence set by Stoker.

Movie: Vampires vs The Bronx

If grumpy old men, classic novels and a dark theme is not your cup of tea, then Vampires vs The Bronx seems like just the right fit for you. The movie is about a trio of young friends- Miguel, Martin, and Rita. The three join hands as they set out to protect their little suburban town from vampires.

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Starring as the protagonists of the movie is Jaden Michael, Gregory Diaz, and Coco Jones. Though the three are newcomers to the industry, they are on a rapid rise. Michael has already made a name for himself in the Netflix Original Colin in Black and White as Colin Kaepernick.

Movie: Night Teeth

Night Teeth is a movie about a chauffeur picking up two women for a night of party-hopping. Sounds normal, right? Well, one of the twists of the movie is the fact that the chauffeur in question is a college student who hides his job, making the scene a little sketchy. Add to that the bloodthirsty intentions of the two women and you have Night Teeth. Though critics aren’t a fan of this movie, it has gained a lot of popularity and sure is worth checking out.

Series: Shadowhunters

Any teenager with even a vague interest in literature would definitely have heard of The Mortal Instrument book series. Adapted from the bestselling book series by Cassandra Clare, the series revolves around Clary Fray, a teenager who discovers that she isn’t human. Fray comes from a line of human-angel hybrids who call themselves Shadowhunters. The group sticks together with a single aim in mind- killing monsters.

Series (anime): Castlevania

With anime being all the hype, there is no way we could have finished this list without mentioning a single anime series. Nothing quite beats the signature anime animation style and, of course, the opening themes. One such title is Castlevania.

The vampire series, inspired by a popular video game, is one of the best fantasy anime out there. It isn’t the only one that follows Count Dracula, but it does have a different take on it. In this series, good old Drac is hell-bent on causing the extinction of humanity. The last member of the disgraced Belmont clan must save humankind against his incredibly powerful nemesis.

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