Best of Noah Centineo on Netflix: From Peter Kavinsky to Brooks Rattigan

Best of Noah Centineo on Netflix: From Peter Kavinsky to Brooks Rattigan

While most viewers remember him as Peter Kavinsky from the To All The Boys series on Netflix, Noah Centineo has had many such memorable roles throughout his career. The Netflix heartthrob has worked at the Disney Channel and in a number of Netflix Original projects. Here are some of his best roles to check out when you are in the mood for some Centineo binge.

Brooks Rattigan (The Perfect Date)

The Perfect Date is about Brooks Rattigan, a likeable young boy with a versatile personality. Rattigan dreams of getting into an Ivy League college and is willing to do anything to achieve his dreams. So, Rattigan and his programmer friend launch an app, selling the former as a plus-one for all occasions. However, Rattigan ends up falling for one of his customers and his plans now require changing.

Jamey (Sierra Burgess Is A Loser)

Seems like Centineo has a thing for the concept of catfishing. In The Perfect Date, he was a culprit and in this Netflix Original, Noah Centineo plays Jamey, an innocent boy who ends up falling for catfishing.

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Sierra Burgess, the titular character of Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, is a smart and determined young girl but her life in high school isn’t easy because neither is she “popular” nor considered attractive. Jamey, however, ends up falling for a popular cheerleader who decides to give him Sierra’s number as a prank. Jamey continues talking to Sierra with the image of the cheerleader in mind. Now, Sierra has to break the news to the boy while ensuring that their relationship stays intact.

Johnny Sanders Jr (SPF 18)

18-year-old Penny Cooper, the protagonist of the SPF 18, wants to pursue filmography as a means to get closer to her mother, a Hollywood actress. Her boyfriend, Johnny Cooper, played by Centineo is still mourning for his dad when his friends suggest that he invite his friends over for a party at a house where he’s babysitting. The group of teenagers spots a person swimming on the beach, who turns out to be a country singer who quit his agency after they restricted his artistic potential.

Peter Kavinsky (To All The Boys Series)

There can be no Noah Centineo films list with the iconic Netflix Original To All the Boys series. Peter Kavinsky is probably the actor’s most memorable role yet. Lara Jean writes letters to all of her crushes through high school as a form of journal-keeping and never intends to send any of them. However, one day she finds the letters are all missing and have been sent out. One of the recipients of the letters is Peter Kavinsky, who needs a favor from the protagonist. And so begins their friends-turned-into-relationship that lasts through the trilogy.

Langston (Charlie’s Angels)

While Charlie’s Angels mostly revolves around the 3 female “angels”, Langdon, played by Noah Centineo, has a pivotal role to play in the film’s climax.

How many of these have you seen and what other titles on Netflix do you think Noah Centineo would have thrived in? Comment down below!

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