Best Money Heist Quotes in English

Best Money Heist Quotes in English

Money Heist has ruled the OTT space for a long time, and its quotes have spread like wildfire. And the hype won’t die as there are other projects like the spinoff series based on Berlin. Fans could even enjoy various adaptations of Money Heist, as Netflix has confirmed a Korean remake for now.

A quick overview

Money Heist follows a Professor, who meticulously plans all the heists and his gang of eight thieves who execute his plans. Their plan involves taking the entire Royal Mint of Spain hostage. Of course, it isn’t a walk in the park for the gang, as they have to encounter the Spanish special forces.

Strong performances from the cast and a plot riddled with unexpected twists and turns have been hallmarks of the series. The 5 seasons of Money Heist have earned an IMDb rating of 8.2 with positive reviews.

Money Heist quotes

First on the list is the Professor’s quotes, who has been absolutely instrumental in the heists. The cool-headed leader of the gang displays his wits through his following dialogues.

  • “The plan is designed to survive any setbacks, including my death.”
  • “Sometimes, a truce is the most important part of a war.”
  • “In this world, everything is governed by balance. There’s what you stand to gain and what you stand to lose. And when you think you’ve got nothing to lose, you become overconfident.”

Berlin might not be your favorite character, but he surely has some badass dialogues.

  • “We’re the ones who are going to make art, This heist will be unforgettable.”
  • “Only a true thief feels like he owns someone else’s property.”
  • “Death is simply just a word, a priori. It comprises everything that doesn’t exist. On the other hand, once you’re dead, you won’t remember you were alive.”

Tokyo’s death disappointed the fans a great deal, but you can still enjoy her quotes.

  • “When you hit rock bottom, you still have a way to go until the abyss.”
  • “Hope is kind of like dominos. Once one falls – the rest follow.”
  • “They say love can move worlds but the truth is, hate can be just as strong.”

Nairobi was another character who died in the 4th season, but her fans still reminisce about her. So, we have got a few quotes from Nairobi.

  • “What you have to do is make those suckers see what you are capable of. Show them you are not scared.”
  • “Just having friends isn’t enough, You gotta really feel them.”
  • “You don’t love anyone? Of course, you don’t, darling. You don’t have the balls for it. To love, you need courage.”

The supporting cast also has some great dialogues. So let’s get to the last set of Money Heist dialogues.

  • “You don’t just want money to buy things, You need money to be free, Freedom’s expensive.” -Rene
  • “Don’t pretend to be someone else, You’ll never be one of them.” -Arturo
  • “Life goes on.” -Julia

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Let us know in the comments which is your favorite dialogue from Money Heist on Netflix.

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