Best Black Christmas Movies to Stream on Netflix and Other Platforms

Best Black Christmas Movies to Stream on Netflix and Other Platforms

When was the last time you came across a couple of good Black Christmas movies on Netflix? Yes, we’re aware- the list truly is short. It’s always the same old white teenager with their same old white family. Well, to mix things up, here are a few recommendations to satisfy your cravings.

Best Black Christmas movies on Netflix

Jingle Jangle

Embedded with a cast that bears Academy and Emmy award winners, Jingle Jangle is certainly not a movie to be taken lightly. The feel-good film is about magic, possibilities, and the power of family.

A Naija Christmas

What happens when three sons fall apart but the love their mother has for them and her Christmas wish tries to get them back together? A Naija Christmas is a movie about family and the compromises one has to make to stay together.

Holiday Rush

Perhaps the best one on this list of Black Christmas movies, Holiday Rush on Netflix is again based on the theme of familial bond, but it isn’t like others!

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Radio DJ Rush Williams has been spoiling his kids ever since their mother passed away. But right when his children have prepared an extensive Christmas wish list, he loses his job and falls into financial problems. Over the course of the movie, the family learns to appreciate the simple pleasures of life, and each other, without the material aspect of things.

A Family Reunion Christmas

Living with one’s extended family, even for a brief period, can be very exhausting. A Family Reunion Christmas shows all the teeny-tiny problems people face while living with their relatives, while also showing how beautiful it all can be.

The Holiday Calendar

What really is a list of Black Christmas movies on Netflix without mentioning one with a young woman struggling to deal with adulthood? The Holiday Calendar is here to fulfill the quota for the same. The movie is about a young photographer who isn’t able to make ends meet, despite her immense talent. When she stumbles upon an opportunity to make a New Year’s Calendar, she discovers that there are magical elements attached to it. Can she use it to find all that she desires?

How to Ruin Christmas 2

What happens when a family funeral is about to destroy Christmas? All eyes will, of course, fall to the family rebel- the black sheep of the Sello family, Tumi. She must strive to save the festival and her family name through the course of How to Ruin Christmas 2.

Love Jacked

The fake dating trope isn’t new. We’ve seen it through and through from Love Hard to the To All The Boys series. Adding a twist to the same is Love Jacked, a movie about a headstrong and successful woman who tries to escape the sympathy of her family towards her engagement falling through. She does so by getting a man to pose as her fiance during Christmas.

The Lovebirds

Anything featuring Kumail Nanjiani has got to be iconic, it goes without saying. Featuring an Indian and a Black artist in the lead roles, the film gives a thriller twist to your average Christmas movie. The two “lovebirds” have their relationship tested when they find themselves in a web of mysteries and lies involving a murder. Though a thriller, and an excellent one at that, the movie is hilarious and heartwarming when it needs to be, as well.

This Christmas

The Whitfield siblings are coming together for Christmas to celebrate the festival with their parents, only to find out that their father has changed! Their mother has kept her marital status and her boyfriend hidden and plans to reveal both things over a party This Christmas.

Movies on other platforms

If Black Christmas movies on Netflix aren’t enough for you, here are films on other platforms  as well:

  • Merry Liddle Christmas Baby
  • A Christmas Treasure
  • A Picture Perfect Holiday
  • You Make It Feel Like Christmas

So, which of these Black Christmas movies are you streaming on Netflix this year?

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