Best Anime On Netflix For Cobra Kai Fans

Best Anime On Netflix For Cobra Kai Fans

Engaging fight scenes and an excellent story are enough to describe the popular Netflix series, ‘Cobra Kai’. This hit series on the streaming platform has amassed an enormous fan following. However, the viewers are always looking for more to watch during the gap between the seasons. Thinking of drama, incredible fight scenes, and inspirational stories, anime has got all of those aspects. Let’s look at some anime that the Cobra Kai fans might like to delve into.

Netflix Anime that resonate with Cobra Kai

We all know that Cobra Kai teaches us a lot of things. It instills the teachings of balance, discipline, and mercy in us. Significantly, the fight scenes and the comedy-drama is a great entertainer for the viewers. People looking for other series like ‘Cobra Kai’ have come to the right place. The world of anime offers you the things that you find interesting in the series and much more.

Here’s a little blend of ‘Cobra Kai’ and anime released by Netflix on YouTube.

Training and balance

Anime series that embodies training and balance in combination with that exciting anime fantasy touch are:

  • Naruto – One of the most popular anime of all time, Naruto, will prove quite appealing to the ‘Cobra Kai’ fandom. It revolves around a boy and his passion to become Hokage of his village. Since childhood, he indulges himself in mischievous activities around the village. However, with his friends and Sensei, he learns the way of the ninja.

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  • His training and perseverance transform him into the guy everybody relies on. A striking resemblance to that of ‘Cobra Kai’ is the bond between disciple and sensei. Miguel too grew powerful and kind with the help of Sensei Lawrence. Furthermore, the taijutsu fight scenes and the importance of balance are portrayed in this hit anime.

 Anime involving martial arts

  • Baki Hanma – This anime involves ruthless fight scenes and bloody competitions. An exciting anime and a callous alternative to ‘Cobra Kai’.  The story involves the life of a boy, Baki, who trains hard to catch up to his father. Significantly, it involves various forms of martial arts and fight sequences, along with a good story.

  • Kengan Ashura – Anyone who finds Baki impressive would go for this anime. Involving brutal martial arts fight between different styles, it proves to be an exciting anime series on Netflix. This is a world where street fights prove decisive in business deals.

  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Another anime involving crazy fights and a great story. It resonates with ‘Cobra Kai’ being a powerful team fight anime.

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I hope the fans of ‘Cobra Kai’ will enjoy these anime suggestions. These anime series are available on Netflix and can be streamed at your convenience. 

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