Best Andrew Garfield Movies Streaming on Netflix

Best Andrew Garfield Movies Streaming on Netflix

After the success of the musical tick, tick… BOOM! one name has gained more popularity than others, and rightly so. Yes, we are talking about Andrew Garfield. The actor effortlessly portrayed the Broadway legend in the musical. Which only left fans to wonder what else is he capable of? So, to answer your question, we have got the best Andrew Garfield movies on Netflix.

Unfortunately for US viewers, the musical is the last the fans can see of Andrew Garfield. But you can keep your hopes alive as the next big Andrew Garfield movie might just be around the corner.

The Amazing Spider-Man franchise

No one can forget any of the Spider-Man movies, and the same applies to this one. Andrew brought his own style to the masked superhero. At the same time, Andrew kept just enough essence of the character so that it didn’t lose authenticity.

The franchise comprises two movies that earned IMDb scores of 6.9 and 6.5, respectively. Unfortunately, fans in the US can’t enjoy these movies. However, they are available in Canada, the UK, and Australia.


A religious movie about Rodrigues and Garupe, two catholic missionaries who are on a quest to find their mentor in Japan. Their mentor was accused of the illegal promotion of Catholicism.

The cast of the movie itself will compel you to watch the movie. And if the cast wasn’t enough, Martin Scorsese has directed the movie, which critics tout as one of the best religious movies. Viewers living in Australia can enjoy this movie.

The Social Network

There is no chance that you have missed The Social Network. The story followed Mark Zuckerberg and his infamous controversy with his best friend when they created a social media giant. Fans consider Andrew’s performance in the David Fincher-directed movie as one of his best performances. The movie also won several Academy Awards. But, the only problem being The Social network is available only on Netflix Canada.


Thanks to the efforts of his close friends and family, Robin Cavendish improved his bedridden condition. A truly inspiring story of a polio-affected man who helps other differently-abled people.

This movie will remind you of Eddy Redmayne’s portrayal of Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything”. Sadly, this movie is available only on Netflix Canada.

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We know that most of the Andrew Garfield movies on Netflix might not be available in your country. But you can always re-watch Andrews’ musical tick, tick… BOOM!

Let us know in the comment section which is your favorite Andrew Garfield movies on Netflix.

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