Besides Hugh Jackman, Which ‘X-Men’ Characters Can We Hope to See in Ryan Reynolds Starrer ‘Deadpool 3’?

Deadpool 3 bringing back Hugh Jackman to the X-Men fold again as Wolverine has already caused massive hysteria among fans. Ryan Reynolds has expressed several times that he had wanted to do a Deadpool film starring the Merc with a mouth and Wolverine. But it just never came to fruition before. 

Since it’s finally happening, it got us hoping maybe we can finally see some other major mutants appearing in the threequel. Here are some of the X-Men characters we desperately hope to see in the offensive superhero comedy flick.

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Here are the X-Men characters that can appear in Deadpool 3 starring Ryan Reynolds 

Professor X 

Professor X is one of the most important characters who founded the X-Men and is also the head of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Also known as Charles Xaviers, he is the most powerful mutant to ever live with telepathic abilities.

Due to numerous timelines in the franchise, Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy have played the character in different stages of his life. Although he was revealed dead in Logan since Deadpool 2 post-credits introduced time travel, the chances of him appearing are high.

Colossus and Negasobic Teenage Warhead 

Both Colossus and Negasobic Teenage Warhead appeared in the Deadpool films. The former is a Russian man made of mental and constantly tries to make Ryan Reynolds see a good part of becoming a hero. And the latter is a teenager with the ability to manipulate atomic energy.

She and Wade constantly throw shades at each other. They prominently featured in the first two. Hence, it would make no sense if they were left out for the threequel. 


Quicksilver’s power lies in his speed. He is too fast on his speed, so much so that can even outrun explosions. Besides his superpositions, he has also got a great sense of humor making him the perfect partner for Wade Wilson.

Wade and Quicksilver can play off each other to create the most hilarious Deadpool film to date. More importantly, this will also mark the return of Evan Peters to a role that is not creepy or is not a murderer. 

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Which character do you want to see the most in the threequel?

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