Besides Christine, What Does Fans Want From Selling Sunset Season 6 and 7?

Besides Christine, What Does Fans Want From Selling Sunset Season 6 and 7?

Netflix has just announced that Selling Sunset it coming back for season 6. Wait, that isn’t the end of the news, the reality show is renewed for two more seasons so a season 7 is already confirmed! Fans are expecting the reality show to return with their favorite stars, and with more drama. 

The Emmy-nominated series focuses on a group of female realtors in the Oppenheimer Group. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at the company as well as follows the personal lives of the cast members. 

What are the fans’ expectations from the Selling Sunset season 6 and 7?

For a reality show to work, it needs a lot of drama, and Selling Sunset has plenty of them thanks to Christine Quinn. Christine is often labeled as the designated villain in the show for her attitude towards her other co-stars. But she is highly entertaining with her bluntness and snarky remarks. Her bold fashion choices are also a talking point of the show. However, it seems like Christine won’t appear in the next season, despite the fans clamoring for more Christine.

After the end of season 5, she revealed that she had terminated her contract with the Oppenheimer Group. Now, she’s focusing on the crypto real estate company, RealOpen with her husband. She didn’t even show up at the season 5 reunion party and was uninvited from Netflix’s MTV Movie & TV Awards UNSCRIPTED. 

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While most fans want Christine back, some want something else. A fan even claims that they want fewer Christine feuds. The blonde realtor is infamous for her fights on the show. In fact, her fight in the very first season with Chrishell was the worst fight of all. Season 5 also ended with Christine fighting with Emma over a client.

The reality show was busted for its lazy writing and bad editing. Viewers had called out the docusoap for scripting and faking the narratives. Adding fuel to the fire, Christine had bluntly stated about the show’s fake storylines in her tweet

We don’t have a release date for the Selling Sunset season 6 yet. The production for the newest season will begin in earnest this summer. 

Are you looking forward to the upcoming two seasons?

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