Bellibolt Takes the Internet by Storm, as ‘Pokémon’ Once Again Leaves Fans in Utter Awe of a Cute Being

Bellibolt Takes the Internet by Storm, as ‘Pokémon’ Once Again Leaves Fans in Utter Awe of a Cute Being

Pokémon is an extremely loved show by all the generations who have seen it. The show has a huge fanbase all over the world. It keeps taking down the internet by relating new Pokémon now and then. Recently, the show released a new Pokémon, and it is called Bellibolt. Since the release, it has been going viral all over the internet. With its extremely cute features and colors, Bellibolt is constantly winning hearts.

Bellibolt is a bit strange looking. The source behind its design is a yokai called okka. Another name for Bellibolt is “gamanoke,” which means the spirit of a frog. But how are fans reacting to this new member of the Pokémon family?

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Fans are going crazy for Bellibolt

On October 14, the official account of Pokémon on YouTube launched two new videos. The first one featured Scarlet and the second one, Violet. Both of these are the most recent entries in the games of the franchise. But before this, a video was released on Wednesday, featuring Lono. Lono is the electric-type leader of Levincia Gym. She asked viewers to identify her companion Pokémon. The one released on Friday was a follow-up to this video.

In the Friday video, Lono explains that Bellibolt is a frog-like Pokémon of the electric type and it is her companion.

Bellibolt seems to have been modeled by a frog, maybe the Cuyaba dwarf frog, which has enormous “false eyes” on its back and can secrete poison when attacked. Additionally, its fake eyes mimic the tympanum in frogs and toads. Using frog legs in attempts to study galvanism may have inspired the relationship between frogs and electricity. Possible inspiration for Bellibolt’s belly-button dynamo came from a plasma globe. Additionally, Bellibolt looks a lot like a common Japanese mascot or a plush toy.

Fans have gone mad behind this cute new member.

Some fans even introduced their own version of Bellibolt.

Well, this new Pokémon has sure gained a huge fanbase. Tell us in the comments what you think about it.

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