Before ‘Stranger Things’’ Fans, Ryan Reynolds Thirsted on Joe Keery, Called Him “a goddamn snack”

Before ‘Stranger Things’’ Fans, Ryan Reynolds Thirsted on Joe Keery, Called Him “a goddamn snack”

Ryan Reynolds has a knack for seeing potential. And this is an eye that has brought him to great places when it comes to investing, marketing, and producing. The actor currently owns a production company named Maximum Effort, is also the owner of a football club, and is very likely to head a hockey club next. Meanwhile, key evidence of Reynolds’ ability to identify talent was exhibited when the Deadpool actor was promoting his science fiction movie Free Guy.

He knew right then what many Stranger Things fans were yet to see. In 2021, the Deadpool actor stole Shaen Levy from the Uncharted adaptation to make the first Fox movie after its acquisition by Disney. Not to mention, it also had a faceoff between Ryan Reynolds and Stranger Things actor Joe Keery. While the movie was absolutely spectacular and had a $302.4 Million box office collection to prove that, it is the wholesome behind-the-scenes moments between Ryan Reynolds and Joe Keery that still make us swoon.

Ryan Reynolds unabashedly thirsts over Joe Keery

A necessary predicament that one has while watching Stranger Things is what is up with Nancy. The character’s equation with Steve (Joe Keery) has always been a subject of rants on Twitter, for both the good and bad. However, to make up for the heartbreak his character went through or simply because he has functional eyes, Ryan Reynolds called Joe Keery “A God damn snack.” Nancy from Stranger Things never looked at him, but Ryan Reynolds from Deadpool sure did.

In 2019 during New York Comic Con, when asked about what it was like working with the Stranger Things’ actor, Reynolds mentioned “He delivers exposition better than anyone I have ever seen in my life. He makes it entertaining, and riveting, all the while looking like a God damn snack.”

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Reynolds said what most of us have in our minds every time we see an actor. On the work front, John Keery is set to deliver his best as Steve Harrington on Stranger Things season five while Ryan Reynolds has his Merc with A Mouth in the best shape for his Marvel entry.

Have you watched Free Guy on Disney+? What other roles do you want to see Joe Keery in? Let us know in the comments below.

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