Before ‘Justice League’, Henry Cavill Teamed Up With Elmo To Talk About ‘Respect’

Before ‘Justice League’, Henry Cavill Teamed Up With Elmo To Talk About ‘Respect’

No matter how much we talk about Henry Cavill and his rich ethics and values, it is never enough. The Man of Steel star rules the hearts of his audience ever since his first Superman movie. Especially kids, as they seem to be fascinated with heroes and their actions faster than grown-ups. Owing to his attachment with tiny fans, the star made a humble attempt years ago to make them all grow kinder and sweeter, just like him.

What is better than begging with Sesame Street when it comes to kids? The star made a humble appearance on the show to teach the Big Bad Wolf a word to remember for life. The video dates back to 2013, but its charm is still retained to this day.

Throwback to Henry Cavill appearing on the sets of Sesame Street for the sake of kids

The British actor filmed this beautiful little shot when the New York-based show’s cast and crew were out on their usual celebrity guest appearances week. Cavill did not miss the chance and flew all the way to appear in a “Word on the Street” segment with Elmo, the Three Little Pigs, and the Big Bad Wolf. He started off by making them understand the word ‘Respect,’ which according to him means “treating someone in a way that makes them feel cared for and important.

After a lot of squabbles and shrieks, the Bad Wolf, in the name of vocabulary, bowed to treat the piggies with the utmost respect. Before leaving, the newest Superman back then made time to meet another Muppet. The one who shares some ideas about wearing capes and saving the day for the subjects.

The star really had a good time while shooting for the kids. He and the puppeteers had a lot of fun with props, piggies, and cakes. The lights at one point blew out, but they all played it simply. The star instantly got into his Superman role, soaring upwards with his lightbulb, making the children’s entire day.

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All these wholesome moments stay etched in our minds even today when we get a spurt of nostalgia, especially the kids. The Man of Steel really has a heart of gold to take such a step for instilling the values and goodness into kids for the greater good.

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