Before ‘Emancipation’ Release, Will Smith Thanks His ‘Village’ for Putting the Hardwork Into the Movie

Before ‘Emancipation’ Release, Will Smith Thanks His ‘Village’ for Putting the Hardwork Into the Movie

Will Smith gave a speech of appreciation to his Emancipation village. The actor has learned a lot since his Oscars incident, which attracted a lot of criticism. It also got him banned from the Award show for the next ten years. He is back in the limelight now, making social appearances and promoting his film.

Emancipation is an Apple TV+ project for which Smith has already been paid $35 million before the movie could even release. The 54-year-old, who was first hesitant to make the movie, has had quite unique experiences shooting for it. He keeps his fans in the loop through social media. The actor has posted the latest video from the shoots of the movie now.

What did Will Smith say about his Emancipation village?

Will Smith is super thankful to his Emancipation team, whom he refers to as his ‘village.’ In an Instagram post, the actor shared a video of himself from the shoot with all the cast and crew of the movie. He went on to thank the people and God for the movie. “I just want to thank you all for doing this.” Also adding that “This is a historical account of a man who believed the promise that he would return to his family..” The actor maintained that this is a movie about faith and spirit.

The flick is based on the true story of Whipped Peter. The photo of his whipped back started circulating around and left people realizing about the atrocities of slavery. Smith was someone who did not want to represent the Black community with sad movies about slavery, but this movie changed his opinion.

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In fact, Emancipation is making rounds for the Oscars already, but with the ban, Smith may not be able to attend the awards. Reviews of the movie show the movie is one of the finest from the actor.

Although the movie and the controversy have developed him as a person in the last few months, have you seen Will Smith’s movie Emancipation yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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