Before Closing the Curtains on The Crown, Producers Discuss a Prequel With Netflix

Before Closing the Curtains on The Crown, Producers Discuss a Prequel With Netflix

Long before Queen Elizabeth became the longest-serving monarch of the UK, the title belonged to Queen Victoria. After the success and critical acclaim of The Crown, the creators are discussing a prequel focusing on Queen Elizabeth’s predecessor. Here’s all you need to know about the prequel to arguably Netflix’s biggest hit in the UK:

What will the prequel of The Crown focus on?

For the last few years, we know that Queen Elizabeth has been the longest-reigning monarch of the UK. Before her, the title belonged to her predecessor, Queen Victoria. The monarch is one of the most popular members of royalty in modern times. Part of this reason is her long reign and the other is how formative the period of her reign exactly was.

Many of our readers would recognize the term “Victorian Age”. Although the era does not entirely correspond to the queen’s reign, it being named after her is evidence enough of her contribution. It was during the Victorian era that Britain grew as the most powerful empire in the world. A class-based society, an increasing number of people with voting rights, and a blooming state and economy were the biggest indicators of this period.

Hence, since The Crown focuses on Queen Elizabeth and her reign, the prequel will show fans more of Queen Victoria’s life and events.

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When will The Crown prequel be released?

After the whirlwind of changes fans of The Crown saw the royal family go through at the beginning of the Netflix Original, the producers aim to show them exactly what ensued before the same in the prequel.

The Crown will come to an end after season 6, according to Harpers Bazaar. Season 5 is on the verge of release later this year, in the month of November, to be precise. The Print reports that the prequel of the Netflix series is set to launch towards the end of 2022.

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Until then, this is your cue to stream (and re-watch) The Crown on Netflix.

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