Before Bringing ‘Warhammer 40,000’ to Life, Henry Cavill Was Immortalized With a Dedicated Action Figure in the Franchise by a Fan in 2022

Before Bringing ‘Warhammer 40,000’ to Life, Henry Cavill Was Immortalized With a Dedicated Action Figure in the Franchise by a Fan in 2022

If there is one celebrity who lives a very interesting life beyond the screens and cameras, it has to be Henry Cavill. The Enola Holmes star has a lot of peculiar hobbies that often leave his fans in awe. However, one of the most talked about hobbies of Cavill has always been the Warhammer characters. We are no strangers to Cavill’s love for the tabletop franchise. The former Witcher leaves no chance to speak about his fondness for Warhammer. And recently, Cavill decided to take his love for Warhammer to the next level as the actor announced an upcoming project based on the tabletop franchise. However, do you know, long before Cavill decided to bring back Warhammer 40k to life, a fellow Warhammer fan immortalized the actor?

Cavill, as we all know, apart from being a huge fan, is also the brand ambassador of the tabletop franchise. And not long ago, a Warhammer fan paid his tribute to the British actor in the most perfect manner. Skilled artist Simon Cook previously turned Cavill into a custom-made Adeptus Custodes action figure. To make things more realistic, Cook equipped the figure with a spear and shining armor. As per WarGamer, the fan shared the piece of art labeled “Heinrich Cavillius” to a Warhammer Facebook group previously.

Interestingly, Cook revealed in his Facebook post that everything apart from the weapons was handmade and carefully sculpted. Furthermore, he was all praises for Cavill as the artist expressed his gratitude to the British actor for promoting and popularizing the game. The work took Simon a total of 100 hours to complete. Owing to the fact that Cavill is a Custodes player and painter himself, it made Cook’s work seem even more attractive.

When Henry Cavill proved to be a true Warhammer fanboy

It might surprise you to know, but Cavill takes his love for the Warhammer characters very seriously. Previously, during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the British star educated Norton. Apparently, Norton was trying to mock the actor’s hobby and even misspelled the name. However, Cavill was not having it since the actor was quick to correct the host by saying, “It’s Warhammer, Graham.” He then went on to explain how the Warhammer world works, explaining the two sides of the hobby.

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As of late, the actor is gearing up to bring the character to life with his upcoming Warhammer series. Are you excited about Warhammer 40,000? Do let us know in the comments below.

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