Beef: Netflix Gets 37 Seconds’ Hikari as Director

Beef: Netflix Gets 37 Seconds’ Hikari as Director

The great thing about Netflix, apart from its highly original and extremely entertaining shows, is the fact that they are always searching for new and upcoming directors to direct projects from the. They even launched the Emerging Filmmaker Initiative (EFI) to help new directors get their work seen. Now, Netflix has chosen a great director for its fresh dramedy Beef.

Beef Netflix gets a director and cast

Steven Yuen and Ali Wong are the main leads of the show. The show revolves around Yuen and Wong, who start losing their minds after a road rage accident, as the incident begins burrowing deep into their minds, not letting them live everyday lives.

Series regulars are David Choe, Patti Yasutake, Young Mazino, and Joseph Lee. Joining them with semi-recurring roles are Mario Bello and Ashley Park alongside Justin H. Min, Andrew Santino, Rekstizzy, Mia Serafino, and Remy Holt.

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Hikari will be directing the pilot episode. However, she is not alone. Jake Schreier from Paper Towns will also direct some episodes. Jake is also the executive producer with Yuen and Sung Jung.

Previous works of Hikari

Hikari recently helmed episodes of Michael Mann’s Tokyo Vice, which stars Ansel Elgort, Ken Watanabe, and Rinko Kikuchi. She’s also working on her second movie Rental Family with Sight Unseen Pictures and Marc Platt Productions and Universal Pictures’ Dan & Sam and Annapurna TV’s original TV series, Made In Utah.

Hikari’s debut film 37 Seconds is highly acclaimed among critiques. It was nominated for the 69th Berlin International Film Festival and received the Panorama Audience Award. Thus, Netflix picking her for its newest show is no surprise.

As the show is still in its infancy we do not have a potential release date or a trailer. However, be sure to check our website for future updates.

What do you feel about the show, its premise, and its cast? Will you be watching the show when it releases to not? Let us know in the comments below.

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