“Because I look like…” – Rita Ora Slammed Jimmy Fallon for Crashing Her and Her Husband, Taika Waititi’s Photograph in the Funniest Way Possible

“Because I look like…” – Rita Ora Slammed Jimmy Fallon for Crashing Her and Her Husband, Taika Waititi’s Photograph in the Funniest Way Possible

While talking about some of the nicest TV talk shows, Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, one thing people love about them is the fun part. The part where the hosts of the show talk about some funny moments regarding the celebrity guests. Recently, Rita Ora appeared on The Tonight Show after her marriage to Taika Waititi. While showing off her gigantic wedding ring, she slammed Jimmy Fallon in the funniest way possible.

Jimmy Fallon has had fun with many celebrities on his shows. He even made Ryan Reynolds drink some disgustingly amazing drinks while playing a drinking game on the show. Well, recently, when the British singer came to the show, she remembered the time when Jimmy Fallon photobombed her and her husband, Taika Waititi’s picture on the red carpet.

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Rita Ora remembers when Jimmy Fallon for destroying the picture

Jimmy Fallon has photobombed many pictures at several events. In 2021, when everyone was enjoying their time at the Met Gala, Jimmy Fallon was in his own vibes. His energetic aura came in contact with the ‘You Only Love Me’ singer and her date. As the couple posed for the picture, Jimmy Fallon came in between and hilariously photobombed the picture. When the singer was talking about her recent wedding, she remembered that moment and asked Jimmy to show the picture to everyone.

Laughing about the moment, the 32-year-old singer said she loved the picture. As she revealed the reason, she said, “Because I look like I crashed the photograph.” Well, it was totally the other way around. The singer added her now-husband and Fallon looked like they had been together their whole lives. Of course, Jimmy being Jimmy, hilariously said he married Taika Waititi and everyone had a good laugh about it.

Fans to get an album from Rita in 2023

While expressing her love for the host, the singer also revealed her new album would release later this year. She also talked about love being her inspiration for creating the album. Her new album is about all the different stages of love. She penned down her journey of the past two years with Taika Waititi and gave it a musical expression.

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While her fans are extremely excited about the album, have you heard the song yet? If not, stream You Only Love Me on Spotify. Are you a Rita Ora fan as well? Share your favorite songs by the singer in the comment box below.

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