“Beating the s*it out of each other” – Dave Bautista Reveals the Difference of Working with Daniel Craig on ‘Glass Onion’ vs ‘Bond’

“Beating the s*it out of each other” – Dave Bautista Reveals the Difference of Working with Daniel Craig on ‘Glass Onion’ vs ‘Bond’

Dave Bautista experienced a great deal of difference after reuniting with Daniel Craig. The former retired WWE wrestler has moved on to finding a successful career in Hollywood. He is perhaps more widely known today for playing Drax in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Guardians of the Galaxy. The 54-year-old who is an expert at mixed martial arts is still known for his magnificent physique, making him ideal for action movies.

He also worked along with James Bond actor Daniel Craig in 2015. Thereafter, the two were reunited again for Netflix’s Glass Onion in 2022. But during an interview, the actor explained the vast difference between working with Craig in Bond vs Glass Onion.

Dave Bautista explains how the reunion with Daniel Craig was different

The difference between playing Hinx and Duke Cody was quite a big one for Dave Bautista. The former wrestler recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. During the interview, he spoke about various topics, one of which was his experience working with Daniel Craig again. They were on opposite sides in the movie Spectre. While Craig played the titular character, Bautista played the antagonist Hinx. They then reunited for the modern mystery detective thriller Glass Onion back in 2022. “Man, isn’t it great that we’re not a film where we are beating the s*it out of each other?” Bautista mentioned.

Apparently, Craig needed to have leg surgery while shooting the movie, and Fallon joked about how Bautista caused the injury. But the former wrestler did explain how shooting for Bond took a toll on everyone, including him, as it was a long and slow process. Even the My Spy actor’s nose broke as Craig punched too hard as they shot an intense scene about fighting on a moving train.

As opposed to all this, Glass Onion was shot in Greece with beautiful settings around and breezy comfortable clothes. That is when Bautista realized the major difference between the two movie shoots and expressed it to the British actor. Dave Bautista will next be seen in M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock at The Cabin in 2023.

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