Barbiecore Trends Ahead of ‘Barbie’ Premiere- Here’s What the Pink Hues Are All About

Barbiecore Trends Ahead of ‘Barbie’ Premiere- Here’s What the Pink Hues Are All About

The term, Barbiecore, in a nutshell, is clothing brimming with effeminate extravaganzas covered in pure hues of eye-catching, head-turning, bright neon pink. If you would have ever visited the Asiatic beauties, it might as well remind you of India’s pink city- Jaipur. While Greta Gerwig’s attempt at making the most anticipated Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is to curate a certain ‘girly-girl’ opinion now in trend since time immemorial and give a fresh perspective of what actually is hyper-feminine to her gullible audience.

One of the best things that the upcoming movie has done ever since it came into the spotlight is bringing back the Mattel dolls and making us all ponder upon what is up with Valentino’s Haute couture line at Rome Fashion Week last October, and the whole dopamine dressing that is gravitating for a while now. Well, for the unversed, celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Khloe Kardashian, Lizzo, Florence Pugh, and Ashley Park have been seasoned-up wearing hot pink attires. So why ditch the neutral tones and favor the loud, obtrusively bright color? Put your pink lenses on to get a full view of it!

From fashion designers to influencers, Barbie (2023) prompts all to emulate the hyper-pink style

Following Greta Gerwig’s rendition of the ‘all-American, Malibu-babe with the beach blonde locks,’ the ‘Baribiecore’ hashtag has fallen into the vogue like no other. While its origin story dates back to when puritan fathers brought the concept of the American dream, aggrandizing women with unrealistic body standards and at the same time symbolizing women’s liberation. The Ryan Gosling starrer has once again returned the all-pink aesthetic to the fashionable clicks.

As you can see above, from Valentino’s PP Pink Collection, Pierpaolo Piccioli’s nostalgic yet contemporary creations, and Kim Kardashian’s all-pink Balenciaga ensembles to M. G. Kelly and Megan Fox’s costumes on the premiere of the former’s documentary, Life in Pink, the entire fashion world is perhaps high on the aesthetic. The ruffles and romps of this Y2K nostalgia-evoking, Feminine-Mystique-Esque vogue is perhaps ushering us into a fun-espousing post-epidemic era. With summer 2023 set to be colored by the Barbie release, the hot pink is quickly becoming the new black.

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