‘Bad Vegan’ on Netflix: Should They Have Called It the Story of a “Vegan Fugitive the Tale of a “Bad Liar”? Check Fan Reviews

‘Bad Vegan’ on Netflix: Should They Have Called It the Story of a “Vegan Fugitive the Tale of a “Bad Liar”? Check Fan Reviews

,March 16 saw the arrival of the brand new true-crime documentary, Bad Vegan on Netflix. The show received divisive reviews. While some liked Chris Smith’s Netflix directorial Bad Vegan, fan reviews were unfavorable. Ryann Fraser executive produced the show that had celebrity restaurateur, Sarma Melngailis as the subject. Now dubbed as the “Vegan Fugitive”, the show chronicles her downfall from the moment she met her husband Shane Fox. Together the couple devised schemes to defraud her investor and restaurant, Pure Food and Wine’s workers. Shocking twists and turns are rife in the four-part documentary. 

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Bad Vegan on Netflix Review, Fans’ Reactions

The Guardian calls it a “fascinating tale of a $2m fraud and an immortal dog.PureWow calls it the “newest obsession” for fans of Inventing Anna and The Tinder Swindler. And Decider says: “STREAM IT. We really wish Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives. was less one-sided, but at least the side we see makes for an entertaining story.” 

However, fans don’t seem to agree with this positive feedback from the critics. With an average rating of 5.9 on IMDb a reviewer begs Netflix, “Don’t make any more psycho shows like this. So many people of color cant get into business this woman does and allows herself to be taken for the mental ride of her life and she seems to rather enjoy it.

Another writes, “Overall very far-fetched unbelievable documentary. I just think it’s too much and anyone with half a brain would know it’s a load of crap.” One scathing review read: “Maybe I am worn out by stories about privileged white women losing their minds by joining cults, but I felt no sympathy for Sarma.” 

Twitter reviewed Netflix Bad Vegan, as well. Although the reactions aren’t very different. 

@Dojaflat says the tale is too old
However, @kthor69BLM found herself bingeing the series at 3 am
@jaymc82 summarized the whole plot better than Netflix
@Latina_Serena just couldn’t understand
@killer_tofu_ had some interesting insights into Netflix documentaries.
@el_tristesito has nothing good to say about it
Have you streamed Bad Vegan on Netflix? Share your thoughts with us.

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