Bad Bunny Leaves Fans Wanting More as He Sings Harry Styles’ ‘As It Was’ With James Cordon

Bad Bunny Leaves Fans Wanting More as He Sings Harry Styles’ ‘As It Was’ With James Cordon

Bad Bunny or Benito Ocasio has been in the news for a while and for various reasons now. After his grand opening at the 2023 Grammys, he also won the Grammy Award for Best Musica Urbana Album. Moreover, his tenth music video got over one billion views on YouTube, which is a tremendous achievement in itself. Apart from being a singer, Bunny is also a professional wrestler. But this time, he is in the news for a different reason.

On March 14, the Puerto Rican appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, sneak peeks of which were released by the creators on Twitter. In the same link, a short clip of Corden and Bunny vibing over the 2022 hit of Harry Styles, ‘As It Was’, was released. Both celebrities were vibing hard on the songs and we are not talking about just the lyrics.

Corden even thanked the 29-year-old singer after they finished singing the song together. When the clip of these two was released on Twitter, fans immediately started reacting over it as they find it very amusing.

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Fans go gaga watching Bad Bunny and James Corden vibing together

It is the first time Bad Bunny was in the hyped carpool of the British host, and the clip looked very promising. Even the YouTube channel of the show revealed a peek of the Latin trap singer in Corden’s vehicle. Both seem to really hit it off together in the trailer.

This Bad Bunny and Harry Styles collaboration was all that the fans wanted to see. Fans are happy to see both Corden and Benito jamming over the 2022 hit of the British rockstar. Not only that but he was also spotted leaving the Oscars party with Kendall Jenner recently. Hence, some fans have been jokingly questioning it too.


As per Billboard, Corden questioned the 29-year-old about using the name Bad Bunny instead of Benito, to which he replied that he never wanted to come into the limelight, hence he used the name as a cover. Also, he first intended to wear a rabbit mask to disguise his identity. More such questions and answers are available in the full video of the episode which you can stream at CBS and Paramount Plus.

What do you think of Bad Bunny and Corden’s version of ‘As It Was’? Tell us in the comments.

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