Back When Millie Bobby Brown Confessed She is Into Watching ‘Real Stuff’ Than Marvel or DC Movies

Back When Millie Bobby Brown Confessed She is Into Watching ‘Real Stuff’ Than Marvel or DC Movies

Emerging as a breakthrough artist in Netflix’s fan-favorite show, Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown may be a star of fantasy fiction, but she is perhaps not a big fan of it. Notably, the British actress was just 12 years old when she first gained critical recognition for her work in Netflix’s gory series, and since then she has just raised the bar higher and higher for herself. From starring in Godzilla to producing Enola Holmes, Brown just leveled up with each and every new flick. But she personally doesn’t prefer watching fantasy fiction works.

Now, while her on-screen personality might create a ‘fantasy-nerd’ kind of image in many of her fans’ minds, that is not the real case. Apparently, back in 2021, Brown had a chat with MTV about her then-latest appearance in MonsterVerse, wherein the Enola Holmes actor also talked about her very little pop-culture interests, and hence knowledge.

MBB acknowledged that superhero flicks are of least interest to her when it comes to her off-screen watching habits. And so is the case with the world of sorcerers and sorcery. In her words, working in dramas such as Stranger Things and Godzilla, she is already working in fictional tropes. So, when it comes to watching, she wants to “see stuff that’s real.” 

When Brown was later made to make a choice between Harry Potter and Jurassic Park, she quite evidently chose the latter one, saying she has not watched Harry Potter even once in her life. That said, she has a preference when it comes to movies and it screams romantic.

Millie Bobby Brown is perhaps a romantic (not in its literal sense)

If you would want to take Millie Bobby Brown out on a movie date, you might want to take care of her truly heart-warming choices. For all we know from her 2021 MTV interview, the now 19-year-old is a lot more hopelessly romantic than a pop-culture geek (certainly different from her Enola Holmes co-actor, Henry Cavill). She would much rather choose The Notebook over any Marvel or DC Extended Universe movies. This explains her endearing Instagram captions for her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi.

Millie Bobby Brown birthday
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Even within the arena of the romance genre, she would pick the likes of Bridgerton (its music and the clothing has everyone gasped) over something like Mandalorian. MBB explained that she is not “crazy on that (superhero as well as sorcery flicks)” because she is “in it.” 

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