Back When Meghan Markle Turned a Deaf Ear to Rita Ora’s Obsessions With Prince Harry

Back When Meghan Markle Turned a Deaf Ear to Rita Ora’s Obsessions With Prince Harry

Before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took their wedding vows in 2018, both of them had a not-so-likable past with their previous partners. While Markle was dealing with an unhappy marriage, Harry seemed nowhere close to settle down with his ex-girlfriends. Nonetheless, their wait was finally rewarded as both of them tied the knot in a dreamy wedding at St. George’s Chappal, in Windsor Castle, in 2019. However, some third-party controversies have continued to linger around them post their marriage.

Although it has not affected the couple in the slightest of ways, the news is always in the headlines of the UK. The same happened with the British singer and songwriter, Rita Sahatçiu Ora, who was rumored to be associated with Prince Harry. However, the woman in focus, Meghan Markle never seemed to bother herself with the entire fiasco.

Meghan Markle seemed to be all carefree of Rita Ora and Prince Harry rumors

As it goes, Rita Ora has publicly expressed her feelings for the Duke many a time and oft. She has even confessed that she is absolutely obsessed with Prince Harry. Three years down the line, the star had openly talked about how she would do anything to date the Monarch’s youngest son. According to Mirror, Ora once gushed about her obsessions on an open platform. “Prince Harry, Yes…. no shame in my game,” she admitted. The star then openly humiliated Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage saying that it feels unbelievable to her.

Additionally, in a game of Hot or Not, the singer did not hesitate from saying that she would swipe Tinder all day long, only if Prince Harry were to be on it. Moreover, in an interview with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she once again made some astonishing revelations. Keeping her crush on the sidelined Prince, she said that they had dined and dabbed together in Kensington Palace. Later in 2019, paparazzi snapped the two of them exchanging warm hugs at Sentable Charity Concert.

However, the Duchess, Meghan Markle seemed to remain far away from the entire fiasco. Let alone taking a step, she has not even batted an eye with the British star.

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