Back When Henry Cavill Assumed the Role to Solve Iraq’s Water Problems in a Lesser Known Netflix Flick ‘Sand Castle’

Back When Henry Cavill Assumed the Role to Solve Iraq’s Water Problems in a Lesser Known Netflix Flick ‘Sand Castle’

Henry Cavill is a superhero with or without the cape. The actor has done his part as Superman, as evident by the DC drama that unfolded, and will not be returning any time soon. However, you can take Henry Cavill out of the superhero, but you cannot take the superhero out of him. In the years following the drought of Superman movies starring Cavill, the actor lent his performance to many other great projects. Despite the variety, the superhero spirit of helping everyone did not leave the actor.

The actor has a penchant for roles that are physically demanding. In 2017, Cavill tested the waters with a movie that was not only physically but also mentally demanding. To take things up a notch, it revolves around soldiers in Iraq during the Second Gulf War in 2003. While his character was a stark contrast to that of Clark Kent, that he is the symbol of strength, justice, and hope, still showed.

How Henry Cavill played Superman in Sand Castle

Sand Castle follows soldiers in the war as they are tested day in and out. Cavill, who plays the character of a hardened Captain Syverson, commands other soldiers to solve the water problem in Iraq. Sans his brown locks, Cavill sports a buzz cut in the movie and gives clear-cut instructions to his soldiers starting with a stern “Your job is real simple.” “You keep that water flowing, open the hearts and minds, and then the Iraqis start pointing fingers and giving me and the boys some targets to hit,” Cavill as Captain Syverson says.

While his instruction would end up helping those in need, there is a clear difference between how Captain Syverson programs and how Superman works. Syverson intends to kill those that they stand against and he does not mind using the people of Iraq to get that done. Things would be different if the intact moral compass of Superman was applied in this case.

Has the ‘Sand Castle’ donated to Iraq?

The movie’s events happen in 2003, almost a decade before its release. While it is unclear if Cavill actually helped to solve Iraq’s water problem, he extended a helping hand to other middle eastern countries.

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The Superman actor reportedly donated $1 million dollars to Turkey and Syria, following the disastrous earthquake that both countries experienced. He also provided for food, shelter, and animal food in many regions.

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