Baby Mama! Twitter Sings in Awe as Keke Palmer Shares a ‘Glowing’ Vacation Picture

Baby Mama! Twitter Sings in Awe as Keke Palmer Shares a ‘Glowing’ Vacation Picture

Pregnancy is suiting Keke Palmer well. She started working at an early age, with her big break being in Jump In. For Nickelodeon’s True Jackson VP, she took the role of the lead for two seasons. Fans have basically seen her grow with time on the screens. Now in her late 20’s, the actress is ready to be a mother.

The actress is dating her boyfriend, Darius Dalton, and even he took on social media once to share photos of their baby’s ultrasound. Now the entertainer who is on a babymoon shared photos of herself with her pregnancy glow and a long message.

People pour luck and love as a glowing Keke Palmer shares her pregnancy photos

While Keke Palmer is usually busy shooting for a movie or singing, the actress is enjoying the slowdown due to her pregnancy. Fans on Twitter were pouring their love, one giving advice to stay hydrated, while another one expressed how proud they were of her. The actress wore an animal print bodysuit with her hair tied up as she stood in the greenery with a wide smile, as she was glowing. She was vacationing on a tropical island along with her boyfriend.

The 29-year-old took to Instagram to share the photo with her 11.7 million followers along with a long message. ‘Rest’ was the theme of her vacation. Being thankful to both her parents, she wrote how her father taught her the meaning of sacrifice.

She ended the message by saying how she could feel the baby’s movements. Glowing in a beautiful silver dress, the Nope actress was clicked at New York Film Critics Circle Award. While she is at the peak of her career, the actress is still overjoyed at the thought of becoming a mother.

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Keke Palmer met Jackson in the summer of 2021, and while they kept things private, the baby bump could not stay hidden. Meanwhile, fans and fellow celebrities continue to give the actress their blessings and tips.

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