As the Current Face of DCEU, Is It Wise for Henry Cavill to Step Down to a Minor Role With MCU?

As the Current Face of DCEU, Is It Wise for Henry Cavill to Step Down to a Minor Role With MCU?

As fans, it’s strange how attached we get to fictional characters and the actors who play them. More so, if the actor is the literal embodiment of the character he sets out to play. Is there a better example of this than Henry Cavill as The Man of Steel? Having already played Superman in three films by DCEU, the audience is waiting with bated breath for Cavill to reprise as the son of Krypton. However, amid recent rumors of his potential shift to the MCU, Cavill’s fate in the DCEU is hanging by a thread.

With Marvel expanding exponentially, The Witcher star’s alleged consideration of jumping ship seems like a perfectly sound career decision. However, as one of the biggest and oldest superheroes out there, can Marvel offer him a character matching the Superman status? Let’s lay out all the facts and rumors we know and try to achieve some clarity on the situation.

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Superman’s fate dwindles in the DCEU

By Cavill’s own admission, there is at least one more Superman appearance in the bag for the British actor. Be that as it may, the scuttlebutt around him joining the MCU hasn’t flamed out in the slightest. And why would it? The 2017 Justice League was Henry Cavill’s last Superman performance. Following that, barring a few baseless whispers and fan speculations, there isn’t much to go on, on the DC front.

To add to that, Warner Bros. is on a major cost-cutting spree with its latest victim being the Leslie Grace starrer, Batgirl. And who can forget the elephant in the room? The major controversy and crisis with The Flash involving its actor Ezra Miller sure keeps the studio’s hands full. With all this in the open, does Cavill’s presumed shift in allegiance make sense?

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How well will MCU fare for Henry Cavill?

Since the very first mention of his marvel stint, fans have a full roster of potential roles for Cavill. From Vison’s brother, Wonder Man, all the way to the quintessentially heroic Cyclops from the X-Men, a variety of characters are well matched for the British hunk. Fans also see him as the villain with a good streak, Dr. Doom or even Reed Richards or Mr. Fantastic instead of John Krasinski. 

So, where does the problem lie exactly? With absolutely no shortage of source material, one can actually term the Marvel Cinematic Universe as endless. This might not be the boon we think it is. With the Avengers franchise setting such a strong base, the expectations for second-generation superheroes churned out by Marvel is high. So far, it has been more misses than hits; The Eternals, Multiverse of Madness, and more.

If Henry Cavill is to leave his royalty status at DC and go to the other side, shouldn’t it be worth his while? From the Man of Steel to Vision’s brother Wonder Man might be a demotion. A no-brainer would be if he plays the Hyperion or Sentry, which are essentially Marvel’s Superman-Esque characters. Unless the MCU can come up with some mind-bending storylines to back it up, Cavill might need some further pondering to leave the DCEU behind.

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What are your thoughts about Henry Cavill joining the MCU? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can check out The Witcher and Enola Holmes streaming on Netflix for a refresher of Henry Cavill’s acting prowess.

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