As Sadie Sink Starrer Latest Psychological Drama Hits the Screen, Here Are Some Best Quotes From ‘Dear Zoe’

As Sadie Sink Starrer Latest Psychological Drama Hits the Screen, Here Are Some Best Quotes From ‘Dear Zoe’

Stranger Things standout Sadie Sink has once again been in the top news for her recent movie, Dear Zoe. It is reportedly a psychological drama series where Sadie’s Tess DeNunzio suffers unimaginable loss as a teenager. Years after, she pens a letter to her younger sister, who is no more in the world. As she writes on, her story in real-life slowly unfolds down the recovery road. 

She gets the love she deserves, however, not in the way she was supposed. After a rollercoaster of emotions, she fights through the journey of resistance with her devastated family. Nevertheless, at the end of the movie, we see Tess all smiles and start a refreshingly new life. Through the course of the entire film, Sadie Sink and her Co-stars deliver some true heart-touching dialogues that hit viewers straight in the feels. 

Grappling with separated parents who have been just hit with the tragic loss of their younger daughter, she finds herself in a quagmire of grief. The empowering lines explain to the viewers the concept of grief, and coping mechanisms and express unfiltered opinions about what it means to be a family in Dear Zoe

Guilt and Grief are a powerful combination

Throughout the runtime, it is Tess who gives the narrative of the entire scenario. In the process, she tells us how she holds herself accountable for what happened to her younger sister the day she passed away. For her negligence, she is unable to bring herself able to forgive her for Zoe’s death. That is where she delivered this dialogue which comes first on the list. Adding to it are the sufferings of the Gladstone family that serves her trauma within herself. 

This is the only way I get to see you 

Traumatized in her own house, Tess seeks comfort from her biological father and juvenile neighbor Jimmy. As she one day run away to the former’s house, they realize they need more time with each other. Jimmy plays an important part as it is from him that Tess gets back her lost will to live her life.

That’s Life, tight? 

As Tess visits Jimmy for the first time in his room, the latter starts talking about the tragic incident with his own mother. He tries to comfort her saying, it has really been hard on his part too, but that is life. Pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice, and Jimmy continues to make her understand the meaning the life. 

“I would never ever leave you… Never”

Elly Gladstone, the mother of Tess and Zoe plays a significant part in the movie. Being a parent who has failed her children, she has a rocky relationship with her eldest.

Things go south, especially after Zoe’s tragic death and their relationship once again takes a sour turn. However, they always try to be there for each other and provide the comfort and support everyone in the devastated family deserves. The world does not stop wreaking its havoc around the already devastated family.

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Adapting such a sensitive story from paper to screen is, of course, not an easy job. The job of directing the movie was vested in the hands of Director Gren Wells. He delicately craves out the narrative with great attention to intricate details. However, none of it would have been worth it, if not for Sadie Sink.

Dear Zoe is available to watch on Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Vudu after renting or purchasing the movie.

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