“He didn’t like…”- Katherine Schwarzenegger Shares the Story of Her and Chris Pratt’s First Meeting to Drew Barrymore

“He didn’t like…”- Katherine Schwarzenegger Shares the Story of Her and Chris Pratt’s First Meeting to Drew Barrymore

Love stories of Hollywood celebrity couples are often intriguing. One such couple and story is actor Chris Pratt and author Katherine Schwarzenegger. The duo, who is often on social media, often share thoughts of positivity and faith. But the story of their first meet has been kept under wraps so far until Schwarzenegger opened up with Drew Barrymore.

Unlike the party link-ups of celebrities, these two met at a rather unexpected place. During a recent interview, she opened up about her love story, while carefully holding back on some other details.

How did Katherine Schwarzenegger first meet Chris Pratt?

Katherine Schwarzenegger married Chris Pratt back in 2019. While they are often seen on projects together, she only recently shared the story of their first meet. During an interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore asked Pratt’s wife about her first meeting with the actor. The 33-year-old explained how their faith brought them together as they met at a Church. Barrymore explained how much she loved the idea to which Schwarzenegger said it was sweet and added,But he didn’t like try and pick me up in church.”

As per her, everyone around them was curious about their union. But the author revealed how she always knew she would end up with Pratt. The host then sneakily tried to know more, claiming that she needed tips as a single woman, but Schwarzenegger quickly changed the topic.

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She suggested that her mother Maria Shriver could help the Charlie’s Angels actress to find a partner. As for her own story, they are a happily settled couple living a typical family life and they keep fans in the loop about it.

Life after marriage for Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt

The happily married duo share two daughters named Lyla and Eloise. The couple owns a big ranch with livestock and often takes on social media to share pictures of the animals there. They even appeared on the Netflix show Home Edits as Clea and Joanna renovated their garage.

On the professional front, Schwarzenegger recently released her book Good Night Sister, with the Gifts of Forgiveness and Rock What You’ve Got being her previous works. Pratt on the other hand is set to star in the live-action films The Super Mario Bros. and Guardians of Galaxy 3. Between all the work, the couple takes time to express their love for the world.

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