Are the LaRussos Really “Acting-Out” in THIS Scene From Cobra Kai Season 4?

Are the LaRussos Really “Acting-Out” in THIS Scene From Cobra Kai Season 4?

Cobra Kai has been immensely popular since its release on Netflix. The nail-biting fights, the build-up between rivals, and the romantic twists are to die for. However, there’s something equally interesting in the show: the family drama. May it be the Lawrence’s or the LaRusso’s, Cobra Kai never fails to deliver us with the crisp dose of amusement through interesting family dynamics.

Slice of life family drama in Cobra Kai

If we are going to talk about a quirky family in Cobra Kai, we can’t get the LaRussos out of our minds. The soft and composed dad with rare outbursts of anger and the feisty mom, who would go out of their way to protect their child, might be highly relatable to most of you.

In the latest season of Cobra Kai, an episode that displays the parental limitations of Daniel and Amanda is Episode 7. Daniel’s cousin Vanessa puts her degree in childhood psychology to good use and scrutinizes Anthony’s behavior. Furthermore, she doesn’t shy away from pointing out that the LaRussos are the reason for Anthony’s disobedience. She goes on to add that since Daniel and Amanda are busy with the dojo and the sales company, respectively, Anthony might have learned key life lessons from the internet rather than from his parents.

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Well, we all know Amanda, and Vanessa’s words didn’t quite bode well with her. Meanwhile, Vanessa acts smug and takes a little test. The rule is simple, listen to her words calmly and don’t act out. But our beloved Amanda wasn’t one to back down; she listens peacefully.

Did the LaRussos “Act Out” or not?

It is up to our vast majority of readers to ponder upon this open-ended question and come up with an answer. With a mix of motherly love and bold attitude, Amanda questioned Vanessa’s judgment, as you can see in this clip. Maybe they should have kept an open mind or maybe they did the right thing protecting their parental integrity. Regardless, we all love LaRusso’s imperfect family.


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