Are Prince Harry’s Friends ‘concerned’ About The Aftermath of Netflix Docuseries Release?

Are Prince Harry’s Friends ‘concerned’ About The Aftermath of Netflix Docuseries Release?

Earlier in the year, The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry had announced his Memoir and Docuseries. The former is due on 10th January while the series will be reaching us in the next month. As we inch closer to the release dates, speculations around them have gotten naturally more intense. Starting from Royal Experts to Harry’s close acquaintances all the way to the Imperial Family, everyone seems to be quite concerned about the same. 

Recent reports claim, after persistent warnings from Palace itself, Harry has moved ahead with his “raw and unflinchingSpare. The same goes with the series as well. Omid Scobie who is the Royal executive editor of the book has however let us have a glimpse of what we are headed to. Nevertheless, as mentioned by a Royal expert, Harry’s friends are still tense about his future. 

Nick Bullen talks about what friends in the UK think of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

True Royalty, TV Editor-in-chief, Nick Bullen sat for an interview with US Weekly. In the course, he said the book and the series are “a very closely guarded secret“. Speaking of which, his friends fear that he will not be able to make his return to the Palace ever again. Bullen further stated that people who were extremely close to the Prince in the UK are concerned about how far he is going.

He also added that his friends have been continuously warning him about “some dark moments of his life” that he might encounter. Earlier in the interview, Bullen had some more strong comments to add. He remarked that Harry and Meghan will not be able to get away after glossing over the family feud.

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Bringing Netflix’s multi-million dollar deal, he called out the Sussexes for using their titles for making big bucks. He believes Harry and Meghan will be completely answerable for any future disaster. Before concluding he added, “Harry and Meghan are gonna have to say more…” 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their Royal duties in 2020 in the hope of staying away from controversies. However, the media, especially the Royals Experts, now keeps a greater tab on the ex-royal couple.

Do you agree with Nick Bullen about his opinions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle regarding their upcoming biggies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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