Arden Cho and ‘Partner Track’ Is an Empowering Match for the Asian Actor to Channel Her Voice in the Netflix Legal Drama

Arden Cho and ‘Partner Track’ Is an Empowering Match for the Asian Actor to Channel Her Voice in the Netflix Legal Drama

Arden Cho, who plays a lawyer on the show Partner Track, comes from a background of Korean ethnicity. She plays Ingrid Yun (Cho), a tenacious senior associate in a famous New York City law firm, and is the protagonist of the show. She has dedicated her whole 20s to becoming a partner while overcoming racism, sexism, and other challenges in her drive to shatter the glass barrier. As a Korean-American woman working in the entertainment business, Cho has had her fair share of unfair competition and outright discrimination.

She tells Netflix’s Tudum that there are decades of experience of being the sole minority in the room or being Asian. Being an Asian who is living in America, she has experienced pure discrimination and microaggressions. Well, so does her character on the show, but that is primarily because of her working in a male-dominated industry.

Partner Track shows Women and Asian empowerment

Arden Cho says that her character in the show resembles so much of her personality, just like Ingrid Cho has learned to speak out. She is someone who balances keeping her head down and calling things out. Cho said that there had been so many times in her life when she wished to have said something, but she was afraid and believed that was okay. She believes that most individuals have experienced times when they wish they had spoken out or wanted to speak up but were too afraid.

Adding further, she said, “I’m not beating myself up about it, but I am saying when it happens again or in the future, I think I’ve grown to be a woman who’s a bit more unafraid, who’s going to be unapologetic and say, ‘Yeah, no, we’re not going to be OK with that.'”

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The actor gained fame in early 2022 after breaking her old face as Kira Yukimura in her debut MTV series Teen Wolf. She revealed that owing to the pay gap(information that had been leaked), she would not return for a Teen Wolf film. However, she has been outstanding in her most recent release, Partner Track. If you haven’t watched the show yet, watch it now.


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