Anthony Edwards Played A Real Badass Opponent In Netflix’s Blockbuster ‘Hustle’

Anthony Edwards Played A Real Badass Opponent In Netflix’s Blockbuster ‘Hustle’

Nicknamed by fans as ‘Ant-Man’, Anthony Edwards is a shooting guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves and is a significant part of Hustle. A movie is incomplete without the audience feeling the emotions of the characters, and Anthony proved it with his talent as fans did feel his presence. He played the role of Kermit Wilts, a top prospect and opponent of Bo Cruz. Viewers are appreciating this young NBA player for his performance as a villain in the movie. However, the actor has a different opinion about his role in the Netflix flick Hustle, as he talks about how things work in the real world of sports.

Anthony Edwards’ Kermit Wilts played crooked with street player Bo Cruz in Netflix Hustle

Anthony has portrayed a real badass man in the Hustle, who always tries to oppress his contender Cruz through his trash talk. Kermit, being an ultra-skilled rookie, keeps on poking Juancho Hernangomez aka Bo Cruz, so he might burst out and spoil everything that he has.

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Moreover, Wilts is the number one consensus, which makes him a rival to Bo Cruz, who is finding his way into the NBA Draft. We have seen Kermit using provoking comments on Cruz’s family, especially his wife. And it was a lot of trashy talks that no person could possibly take. This makes us wonder if that’s how real-life basketball works. Anthony has an answer to this question.

Actual NBA is not as bad

In his conversation with Cinemablend, Edwards said that Kermit was cruel when it came to his game and he could pass any limits to pull his opponent down. He added that he doesn’t approve of such trash talking even if things are changing today and small school-going kids use such language. 

Moreover, in the real-life League, no player gets that brutal and they all just play it cool with each other according to the Minnesota Timberwolves shooting guard. Anthony Edwards believes he went way too far from what they usually practice normally in NBA games.

“I don’t think they get too disrespectful in the games. But in the movie, I get really disrespectful so, yeah, it’s crazy,” says Anthony.

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Even though he played nasty in the movie, people are liking his bad-boy character. But no matter what turns the character took to gain their place in the world, Hustle found its way to success. The movie is doing well with the critics for reasons ranging from Adam Sandler’s performance to the involvement of real-life basketball players.

You can witness Anthony’s performance and more on Hustle, currently streaming on Netflix.

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