Another One! Kanye West Confronts One More Photographer Outside Police Station Following Battery Assault Investigation

Another One! Kanye West Confronts One More Photographer Outside Police Station Following Battery Assault Investigation

Kanye West does it again! The singer has not been very pleased with the paparazzi in recent times. After appearing in several interviews and becoming one of the most controversial figures of recent times, the entertainer wants to have privacy and has been trying to stay in the shade. While he always shared a love-and-hate relationship with the media, things are getting more heated up now.

The ‘Donda’ singer already has an investigation ongoing in regards to a battery assault investigation. In the midst of it all, he was again spotted picking up a fight with another member of the paparazzi.

What happened between Kanye West and another photographer?

Kanye West got into an altercation shortly after his last outbursts with a photographer. As per Metro, the entertainer was seen in L.A. walking towards a photographer who was clicking him as he walked down the road. The ‘Donda’ singer was in an all-black attire of pants and a black leather jacket. The conversation between the singer and the photographer was not audible, but the entertainer did not seem happy.

It was Valentine’s day when Kanye West and Bianca Censori were seen heading to the police office in L.A. Apparently, he went there to make a police complaint against the paparazzi for harassing him and his new wife and following them everywhere.

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The police are said to have filed the report. But just days before, he got into an altercation with another photographer, which landed him in trouble.

How an upset Kanye West approached a photographer recently

Ye has been not talking about media pictures likely. He was just outside a stadium where his son was playing a basketball game. He spotted a photographer clicking away as he left it with his wife, Bianca Censori. The lady clicking him was in a car, and he snatched her phone away after approaching. The lady later arrived at the scene with cops to have an investigation.

At other times, Ye claimed that the media is the reason why he began taking medications under pressure. But the singer continues to remain a hot topic due to his actions and making a buzz.

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