Another Hollywood Friendship Gone South: Are Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal No Longer Best Pals?

Another Hollywood Friendship Gone South: Are Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal No Longer Best Pals?

Sparks may burn out in relationships, but friendships are supposed to last a lifetime, right? Wrong. Hollywood friendships also come with expiration dates. Take, for example, Kanye West and John Legend or even Tom Brady and Ben Affleck. The recent duo to make it to the list is the one you never expected – Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The two seemed the best pals. Gyllenhaal and Reynolds have given their fans a lot of moments of bromance since they first met, from their win against a reporter to the time the Nightcrawler actor teamed up with Hugh Jackman to make the Green Lantern actor wear the iconic “ugly sweater.” So, what could have gotten wrong between the two? It’s a head-scratcher for their mutual friends as well as their fans.

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What happened between Hollywood best friends Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal?

RadarOnline reports that the bromance between Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal has reached its conclusion. The stars, who were once very close, are no longer on speaking terms.

“Jake and Ryan have gone their separate ways. It’s sad because they used to be so close,” an insider disclosed. 

The duo met on the sets of Life, which was a box office tanker. But what did not stink about the project was their camaraderie. Fans lapped up their camaraderie in promotional events and interviews. And why not? Both of them immediately hit it off on the sets of the sci-fi flick. Who could forget the famous Christmas ugly sweater prank? 

They were just a chaotic bunch in all their interviews. This Wired interview that got over 49 million views is testimony to that. 

The two had no rivalries between them, despite their status as contemporaries. Interestingly, a source revealed that Jake was sort of like a mentee to the Canadian. Their fallout might stem from this very issue. Gyllenhaal may have put a distance between them to grow as an actor on his own. They have also taken very different paths in their personal lives.

While the Deadpool star is expecting his fourth kid with Blake Lively, Jake isn’t married yet. This means this is the end of all Jake-Ryan content. But at least fans can still get the fun banter between Hugh Jackman and the father of three. The friends will share the screen once again in Deadpool 3. But before filming gets underway, a journalist has a special request for The Proposal actor! 

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