Another Fantasy Series on the Way as Netflix Adapts the Nightjar by Deborah Hewitt

Another Fantasy Series on the Way as Netflix Adapts the Nightjar by Deborah Hewitt

From Bridgerton to The Witcher, most of Netflix’s most popular shows find their roots in books. This rings true for other production houses as well. Adapting from books allows creators to tap into a market that is already created. Since fans of the books guarantee a pre-existing market, bringing it on the screen has become more prevalent than ever. Another name in this long list of book adaptations is The Nightjar.

What is The Nightjar about?

There is just something about the fantasy genre that just lures people on.

From modern classics like Harry Potter to legendary series like The Lord of The Rings, or, from Netflix’s latest The Witcher to television’s most popular show Game of Thrones, we see fantasy series take over the entertainment industry time and again.

Theme of the book

The Nightjar is one such similar series that follows the life of teenager Alice Wyndham. Alice has lived her entire life terrified of the visions of birds that aren’t visible to anyone except her. After an encounter she can only describe as extremely weird, Alice realizes that she is an “aviarist”. This ability allows her to see the titular nightjars, magical birds that guard human souls.

Hence, when her best friend is on the verge of death, Alice must do everything in her power to find her friend’s nightjar. Only then, will Alice have a chance of saving her.

Of course, what’s a quest without a villain? Or better yet, a whole bunch of them? Alice has to save her friend while saving herself from a group of very powerful people. Their aim is to kill all forms of magic, and this, unfortunately, includes Alice herself. The Nightjar follows the plot of the 2019 novel of the same name. The contemporary fantasy novel was author Deborah Hewitt’s first novel and already has a book 2 in the series named The Rookery.

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When will The Nightjar be released?

There is no news of a definitive release date yet. Under Chernin Entertainment which has struck a deal with Netflix, the project is still under development.

An official filming date or the cast hasn’t been announced yet, but make sure to keep checking our What’s New on Netflix section to stay updated.

Until the release of The Nightjar, stream other fantasy shows on Netflix.

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