ANOTHER CANCELLATION? Fans Upset as Netflix Cancels ‘Inside Job’ After Season One

ANOTHER CANCELLATION? Fans Upset as Netflix Cancels ‘Inside Job’ After Season One

It is official, Netflix has canceled Inside Job. New shows keep going and coming on Netflix, and despite having a fan base or good reviews not all of them get renewed. While some other shows may not be very well to do, only Netflix knows what makes them choose between keeping and renewing a show.

Inside Job is one of the many fan favorites that released its first season on 18 November 2022. It had a total of 18 episodes in the first season with a run time of about 26-31 minutes. Now that the news of the series not being renewed is official, fans have reacted, expressing their disappointment. Here is what they have to say.

Fans draw comparisons and express disappointment as Inside Job is canceled after season 1

Fans will be missing out on Captain Lizzy’s action from now on. While Inside Job was critically acclaimed and had a large fan base, it will not be renewed for season 2. It was one of the top animated shows that Netflix has axed in recent times. As per Comicbook, Shion Takeuchi, the creator, recently announced on Twitter that the show will not be coming back for another season. Fans are shocked and wondering how the animated show got canceled while other animated series like Big Mouth has renewed for multiple seasons.

Although making comparisons when your favorite show gets canceled, is not surprising. This is probably why some shows should not end with a cliffhanger, as fans waiting for the next season, which never comes. Since the storyline still had a lot of angles to explore and a lot left to be revealed. The series is set in a world where all the famous conspiracy theories that we knew of, are actually true. The world is ruled by six big organizations, one of which is Cognito Inc., with other similar groups like the Illuminati.

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The main voice characters in the series include Lizzy Caplan, Christian Slater, Clark Duke, Tisha Campbell, etc. Perhaps the hope is that some channel with pick up the show. The first season of Inside Job is still available to stream on Netflix.

Do you think the streaming giant made the right decision by canceling the show? Comment your thoughts.

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