ANOTHER BBC INTERVIEW? Charles To Finally Break the Wall of Silence, Palace Insiders Reveal

ANOTHER BBC INTERVIEW? Charles To Finally Break the Wall of Silence, Palace Insiders Reveal

Members of the Royal Family and their periodic bombshell interviews have always been matters of trenchant controversies. Right from Princess Diana’s infamous BBC interview to the Harry and Meghan Oprah Winfrey explosive, the world has frequently got back-to-back truth bombs on matters concerning the UK Sovereigns. As of Lately, King Charles is now in talks to enter the club breaking the ‘never complain never explain agenda’ of the Royals. 

BBC has had an age-old well-established relationship with the UK Monarchy right from the era of the Late Queen Elizabeth II. Even so, the critically acclaimed Netflix series The Crown has also portrayed the importance of certain publications when it comes to news regarding the Imperial Family. In light of the same, King Charles may just drop another truth bomb through the BBC and leave the family in pieces. 

King Charles is gearing up for an explosive interview for BBC, might address Harry and Meghan in the same

As reported by The Mirror, King Charles is now heading for a “landmark” interview after all the accusations made about the Royal Family in the docuseries and memoir. Following all the trenchant controversies surrounding the family from the Duke’s allegations, this is the first time the King will break the wall of silence in public. An anonymous insider leaked to Mirror that, “plans are already up and running for coronation coverage at the BBC“. However, the publication has not confirmed anything as such. 

Nonetheless, this is not the first time Charles would be breaking the headlines with a tell-all interview. Following his divorce from his first wife, the former Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, the then-Prince bared his soul to a revealing interview on Australian TV in 1994. Speculations have it that the slightest of comments on the estranged Duke and Duchess would stir the internet for a significant amount of time. “Everything is delicate,” the source finally concluded. 

The coverage is to reportedly take place moments following his coronation celebration on the 6th of May. Veteran Jonathan Dimbleby, a close acquaintance of Charles could possibly be the host sitting before the Monarch, said the publication. Nonetheless, everything is still a grain of salt as the Palace still has the option to simply prepare a coronation speech. They can also give closure with a short film as and when they please. 

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Are you looking forward to the interview? What do you think the King will say about Harry and Meghan? Let us know in the comments below. 

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