U.A. Hero vs Shigaraki Showdown? Deku Kills Classmate? Fans Thrilled for ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 Ending!

U.A. Hero vs Shigaraki Showdown? Deku Kills Classmate? Fans Thrilled for ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 Ending!

My Hero Academia Season 6 first started airing in October 2022. And as soon as the marriage between the Paranormal Liberation War and Dark Hero arcs became clear, fans knew that it was going to be a blockbuster of a season. Each and every episode has only increased fans’ expectations. Therefore, with only a few episodes left before the Season 6 finale, fans are expecting their heroes to zap up the majority of Tomura Shigaraki’s followers.

My Hero Academia Season 5 was far from being one of the best contenders of “He’s all that,”. However, Season 6 of My Hero Academia has managed to rise above not only as an intriguing season for its fans but has also equipped them with the confidence to fight for the title of ‘Best Anime Season of All time’. Which is why it is all the more important for the Anime equivalent of a Shakespearian play to prove true ‘All’s well that ends well’.

What do fans expect from My Hero Academia Season 6 finale?

What started as a thrilling fight between our trusted heroes with the students of U.A High School and he who shall not be named, ended up in a full-blown war. This season was not short of action and cherished character development, which was much needed after the dry Season 5.

Bones, Kenji Nagasaki, and Masahiro Mukai got together to create magic in the form of My Hero Academia Season 6 and fans have their finger crossed that the finale does not fail them.

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The last episodes better be fire,” a fan of the series wrote on Twitter.

Apart from the general expectation of wanting a fire season finale, some fans have also hinted to the makers of what exactly would count as “fire,”. And most have unanimously agreed that witnessing Deku kill one of his classmates would not only count as a stellar ending for action packed season but also get the ball rolling for My Hero Academia Season 7.

Will fans get a Deku vs Class A showdown?

The Deku vs Class A battle accounted for one of the most thrilling aspects of the Manga. The battle is highly awaited not only because of the killer action sequences that it will entail but also because of Deku’s evident soft spot for his classmates.

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Even after recognizing his powers, Deku sent them a letter of warning and even granted them the reason for his departure. However, during these chaotic times, Deku now has nineteen more enemies to deal with, in the form of his classmates. It is essentially a battle that has a fanbase of its own. Therefore, if the makers do decide to play into fans’ fantasies, they need to cameleon their way through it.

What are your expectations from My Hero Academia Season 6 finale? Let us know in the comments below.

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