Anime Fans Pumped Up as Netflix Unveils ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ Starring Richter Belmont in the Events of French Revolution

Anime Fans Pumped Up as Netflix Unveils ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ Starring Richter Belmont in the Events of French Revolution

Netflix has already made the month of June an exciting one for us. Apart from releasing some of the most anticipated movies, the streaming giant held its highly awaited Geeked Week event in this month. In the event, fans were surprised about the mindblowing new projects that Netflix had in store for them. And now Netflix has yet again given us all a treat in the form of Castlevania: Nocturne.

Ever since the announcement of the anime, the world can’t be more excited. Everyone who loved the original series has been going around talking about it. So, let us take a look at what fans had to say about the new adventure of Richter Belmont.

What is Castlevania: Nocturne by Netflix about?

The fourth season of Netflix’s original Castlevania anime series may have ended. But the streaming service isn’t done with this world of monsters and vampire hunters just yet.

Castlevania: Nocturne, a sequel series, will follow the story of the Belmonts’ never-ending war against the forces of darkness.  But with a completely new protagonist.

Meet Richter Belmont, the descendant of Trevor and Sypha and heir to the family’s long tradition of vampire hunting.

The sequel takes place centuries after the original, during the French Revolution in 1792. The period was of enormous unrest in Europe. Thus, making it ideal for monsters to attack.

Richter, like in that game, will meet a young girl named Maria Renard throughout his mission on the show. Maria, like Sypha, is a skilled magician, making her the ideal companion for Richter, who is more of a brawler like Trevor.

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Are the fans liking it?

Netflix has been enormously generous to anime fans during the 5-day event. And the fans could not be any happier now that Castlevania will return to the streaming site.

People have been praising the new character since they saw him.

Netflix is yet to announce a release date for the show, just like another anime they announced during the event. But if everything goes well, a November or December 2022 release for the show seems the most probably.

Did you guys love the original Castlevania series? Also, let us know your expectations for the sequel in the comments below.

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