‘Attack On Titan’ is Giving Some Real Hard Time To Its Creators!

‘Attack On Titan’ is Giving Some Real Hard Time To Its Creators!

It is a universal truth that every extraordinary creation or achievement comes at a price. This also stands true for the most layered animation of the decade, Attack on Titan. First released in the year 2013, it has still maintained its status as one of the most moving and edge-of-the-seat Japanese dramas. And while they work towards creating an equally animated ending, the creators have seemingly proved that they put their heart and soul into creating such jaw-dropping masterpieces.

Although Hajime Isayama had his part played when he closed the chapters of the manga, its on-screen adaptation did give him a hard time. The news came after the recent La Grande Librairie in France where Isayama talked about his heavy workload.

Attack on Titan creator suffered severe injuries because of the workload

While talking about his career and work-life balance and everything in between, he shed light on how devoting himself to Attack on Titan left him with unbearable body pain, as reported by Comicbook. However, he admitted that the pain was still better than what most mangaka experience. As per his statement, many artists suffer from tendonitis because of constant sketching or even writing.

However, he has no such physical disease (Thanks to his way of holding the pencil). He then explained that unlike him, artists flex their hands while turning the page, hence the writer does not suffer from something like that. Since Isayama does not lean much while writing or drawing, he, unfortunately, got chronic back pain. Notably, he is not the only one.

Other anime creators also suffered such chronic injuries

Yoshihiro Togashi was also a victim of severe back pain that he could not even use the restroom by himself. Storyboard artist Kazunori Mizuno, known for Naruto and Ghost Fighter, was believed to have passed away in sleep because of overworking. Meanwhile, Isayama has now thankfully recovered and is planning to open a spa.

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How do you think such a heavy workload and pain affect the writer? Do let us know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, you can always enjoy this mind-blowing clash between humans and monsters only on Netflix.

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