Arnold Schwarzenegger Had This Movie Connection with Japanese Manga Series ‘JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure’

Arnold Schwarzenegger Had This Movie Connection with Japanese Manga Series ‘JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure’

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a Japanese manga that is all the rage in Western culture now, but even Hollywood had an influence over them. Inspiration from other cultures has always added flavors to any series. Creator Hirohiko Araki found a great way to connect both Western and Asian entertainment through common factors that make a great show.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was one of his most loved creations. Western pop culture often influenced his anime since Aaraki himself is a big fan of modern thoughts. But the anime had this one Arnold Schwarzenegger connection, and it has to do with one of his movies.

The connection between 80s anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Action-based anime has always boasted of their sequences and over-the-top physique. But as per Screenrant, Hirohiko Araki took inspiration from Schwarzenegger’s Terminator character to sketch the anime’s main protagonist, Jonathan. He wanted the character to be strong enough to face and ultimately fight the main antagonist Dio. Now, both Schwarzenegger and Stallone were buffed-up stars back then. Since Terminator was a trending movie at the time, the show maker used the bullet-resistant character to build his own hero. 

Considering that the anime was in the 80s, it was like the original 1984 film when Schwarzenegger still played a very mechanical and anti-hero robot. Aaraki mixed the physical appearance and strength of his character and mixed it with Hamon’s techniques.

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The series became a super success, with Netflix even bringing the adaption of the manga into an anime on its platform. Like most other anime, this too had its own plot containing a hero and a villain, and the adventurous rivalry between the two.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a story of supernatural abilities mixed with marital arts

The anime had different volumes, each one focusing on the story of a different protagonist. As for Jonathan, his character was made with the ultimate intention of having him fight with Dio. Despite being stepbrothers, the rivalry emerges from the fight for their father’s empire. What follows is a storyline of family drama, action, and glimpses of supernatural abilities.

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Now that a lot of Mangas are being brought into live-action flicks, perhaps Schwarzenegger could be a part of it as well. What other Western influences have you noticed in Jojo’s bizarre adventure? Comment your thoughts.

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