Angry Fans Call Out Netflix With Memes and Tweets as ‘Criminal Minds’ is Finally Removed From the Platform

Angry Fans Call Out Netflix With Memes and Tweets as ‘Criminal Minds’ is Finally Removed From the Platform

It surely gets on our nerves when an OTT platform removes our favorite show. We feel as if they throw us out of our own house and rob us of our happiness. Fans of one such elegant show saw the same fate as Netflix finally removed Criminal Minds from its platform.

Criminal Minds centers on a team of exceptional FBI profilers, who spend their days penetrating the minds of psychotic criminals. The Jeff Davis series features many actors such as A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler, Mandy Patkin, and more. Its well-structured episodes, spellbinding storyline, and dexterous cast have attracted a decent fan following over years.

Netflix was a go-to platform for admirers of the series for over a decade. The streaming giant screened 12 of its seasons. However, it could not renew the license to screen the last few seasons, and hence the talk was up to remove Criminal Minds from Netflix. Finally, the deed has been done and fans will now have to look for other ways to reacquaint themselves with their favorite show. Seemingly, fans are not very much happy with this decision and have been calling out Netflix for the same.

Fan-favorite Criminal Minds was removed from Netflix, and they aren’t happy about it

Notably, the series first made its debut on Netflix in 2014, and each season came out as soon as CBS broadcasted it. But this hasn’t been the same after its 12th season. The last three seasons were not available on Netflix. And on June 30th, 2022, the entire series was taken down from the platform. Within two days, fans have been sharing their disappointment on Twitter and other social media handles.

Some fans call out Netflix for removing Criminal Minds saying, “Criminal Minds removed from Netflix??? Take my subscription with it!” Other fans share their disappointment by claiming that it is the worst day of their life and that they have lost their reason to smile!!

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Other fans took references from cartoons and animated shows to share their disappointment. Well, it’s hilarious and saddening at the same time.

It is indeed a loss to Netflix. But hey, here’s the good news. You can still stream the show on streaming services such as Hulu and Paramount plus. Are you also among the angry forces and want to share your disappointment? Well.. just saying… our comment section is all ears.


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