Andrew Garfield Secrets You Should Know on His Birthday

Andrew Garfield Secrets You Should Know on His Birthday

Spider-Man fans will always be grateful for August 20, 1983, as it was the day Andrew Garfield was born. Though it is hard to digest, the dashing American actor has turned 39 years old. He belongs to that rare breed of actor who climbed the ladder of success quickly in Hollywood. 

Andrew Garfield shot to fame in 2012 by portraying the popular Marvel superhero character in the movie The Amazing Spider-Man. He made a comeback to the screens as fans’ favorite superhero again in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. 

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What followed after that was a series of controversies and Andrew’s fight with Sony. The actor was also shown the door for the upcoming movie franchises as the production replaced him with Tom Holland. Today, we are looking at more such facts about the Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield on the occasion of his birthday.

Andrew Garfield spills the beans on his first interaction with Tom Holland

It was last year that Garfield made a redemption by portraying Spider-Man on the screen once again. The latest movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, came as a huge surprise for the fans due to the presence of Garfield.

Besides the controversy, there are a lot of things that you must know about your favorite Spider-Man. A few months back, Andrew played a segment called Web’s Most Searched Questions, with Wired, where he answered a plethora of questions related to his personal and professional life.

Andrew Garfield flaunted his incredible and humorous side to the world with his witty yet incredible answers. For starters, the actor ridiculed himself for picking Lions for Lambs as his debut film.

The highlight of the YouTube video was the 39-year-old signing praises for Tom Holland for doing an incredible job in the Spider-Man series. Garfield seemed super impressed with the way Spider-man movies have been made over the years.

The actor gives a sneak peek into his life

He also didn’t shy away from accepting that there could have been no one better than Holland to fill his shoes and continue the legacy. Describing his first interaction with Tom, Andrew added that the former was sweet to him, as they had a pleasant chat at the BAFTAs.

Further, revealing his secrets, the Hollywood actor mentioned the creeper accounts he has on social media to keep track of the happenings in the world. Notably, the fans are still waiting for Andrew’s official social media handle.

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What do you think of this witty yet charming side of Andrew? Let us know in the comments.

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