Andrew Garfield Lost Out On The Role Of Caspian In Narnia For THIS Reason

Andrew Garfield Lost Out On The Role Of Caspian In Narnia For THIS Reason

Actors suffer from many denials throughout their careers. While denials are a part of the journey, certain roles sting the actors forever. Andrew Garfield also has a rejection story from the time when he auditioned for Caspian’s role in Narnia. The rejection itself isn’t as bizarre as the reason for rejection. So, let us find out what was the deal-breaker for Golden Globe winner Andrew.

A desperate attempt by Andrew Garfield

Andrew became a household name after his role as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man series. But, the actor wanted to portray Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Garfield explained his feelings: “I remember I was so desperate. I auditioned for Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia and I thought, ‘This could be it, this could be it.'”

Ben Barnes bagged the role of Caspian, and to Andrew’s dismay, his casting director told him he wasn’t handsome enough. “Ben Barnes is a very handsome, talented man,” Andrew accepted the rejection. “So in retrospect, I’m not unhappy with the decision, and I think he did a beautiful job.” Ben Barnes has appeared in Netflix Original series like Shadow and Bone and The Punisher.

Andrew Garfield’s growth as an actor

Andrew made his debut in 2007 with Lions for Lambs. In the same year, the actor bagged a BAFTA for Best Actor for his role as Jack Burridge in Boy A. The actor continued to portray powerful roles in The Social Network (2010) and Never Let Me Go (2010). However, the actor had to go through a tough patch when his Spider-Man movies faced harsh criticism.

As a result, Andrew’s rendition of Spider-Man was only limited to a two-part series. The actor made a strong comeback through films like Hacksaw Ridge (2016) and Silence (2016). The latter earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

2021 has seen a rebirth of Andrew Garfield with the actor’s two major films, Spider-Man: No Way Home and tick, tick …. BOOM! liked equally by the audience and the critics. Andrew might reprise his role as Peter Parker in 2022 with Morbius. We can easily say that the actor has grown from strength to strength.

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